A2A/Shockwave - P51D Mustang1

A2A/Shockwave - P51D Mustang

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For FS2004 and For FSX.
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  • A2A/Shockwave - P51D Mustang1
  • A2A/Shockwave - P51D Mustang1
  • A2A/Shockwave - P51D Mustang1
  • A2A/Shockwave - P51D Mustang1
  • A2A/Shockwave - P51D Mustang1
  • A2A/Shockwave - P51D Mustang1
  • A2A/Shockwave - P51D Mustang1

FSX Certified

Both FS2004 and FSX Versions Included!

The Wings of Power P-51D Mustang, like all Wings of Power aircraft, was created with a process called "Absolute Realism". The flight model was very carefully researched. We interviewed many pilots who flew the P-51D, two of them double aces. We took our own orientation flights in existing P-51D aircraft to get a true feel for how these marvelous aircraft sound and fly in real life. And we used the actual pilot's training manual and technical orders to ensure our procedures and performance matched the real thing as closely as possible. This release, with our "World War II Fighters" package, represents the latest in "Absolute Realism" and incorporates advances in the flight modeling. Subtle changes in stability will be noticed as compared to our original P-51D Mustang. We have also introduced a new aspect of realism by incorporating the airspeed indicator error factor into the pilot's airspeed indicator. By consulting the chart below, you can find the actual calibrated airspeed as compared to the speed shown on the pilot's airspeed indicator. This is yet another aspect of "Absolute Realism".

The following abbreviated procedures were condensed from the P-51D Pilot Training Manual. It's worth noting that the manual begins with a cautionary tale, several pages long, comparing the P-51D to a wild stallion. It was -- and is -- that kind of airplane. Throughout the manual, the prospective pilot is warned repeatedly about the high-performance nature of the Mustang, and its propensity to turn on the unwary. It also, however, strongly emphasizes the fact that the P-51D is a superb aircraft in the right hands, asserting that it was the finest aircraft of its kind anywhere in the world. That argument continues to this day, but there is little doubt that, among the piston powered aircraft of the 20th century, the North American P-51D Mustang has emerged as an icon, and is by far the most widely recognized piston fighter ever produced.

General Information

  • Empty Weight: 7,266 lbs.
  • Wingspan: 37.03 feet
  • Wing Area: 235.75 square feet
  • Normal Takeoff Weight: 9,600 lbs.
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 12,403 lbs.
  • Top Speed, altitude: 437 mph TAS @ 25,000 feet MSL
  • Top Speed, Sea Level: 367 mph TAS
  • Stalling Speed, clean (9,500 lbs.): 113 mph IAS
  • Stalling Speed, landing (9,500 lbs.): 98 mph IAS
  • Powerplant: Packard Merlin V-1650-7, 1490 HP for takeoff, 1720 HP combat emergency
  • Armament: Six .50 caliber machine guns; two bombs up to 1000 lbs each; six rockets
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