Aerosoft - Concorde X (box)1

Aerosoft - Concorde X (box)

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For FSX.
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  • Aerosoft - Concorde X (box)1
  • Aerosoft - Concorde X (box)1
  • Aerosoft - Concorde X (box)1
  • Aerosoft - Concorde X (box)1
  • Aerosoft - Concorde X (box)1
  • Aerosoft - Concorde X (box)1
  • Aerosoft - Concorde X (box)1
  • Aerosoft - Concorde X (box)1

FSX Certified

The famous Concorde is no longer flown commercially in the real world, but you can fly it in Flight Simulator with this great Concorde simulation add-on from Aerosoft. This is the most detailed Concorde simulation ever made for the platform and you will indeed have many thousands of hours flying this iconic aircraft around the globe, at supersonic speeds! It is a must-have item for any Flight Simulator user interested in airliners or jet aircraft.

The Concorde is one of the first corporate or commercial airliners able to reach a sonic speed of up to 2.23 MACH. It was developed in the 60´s and at that time airlines showed a great interest in the aircraft. In 1967 the German Lufthansa ordered three Concordes.

Because of this interest and incoming orders the development of the Concorde began by the two developer countries of Great Britain and France. Nowadays this great aircraft has been taken out of service in real life but it is reborn for the FSX to fly on your PC!

Exterior Model

Remodelled within 3D Studio Max using advanced technical drawings, complete with high resolution textures.

Specifically designed for FSX, featuring specular and shader technologies, shine and bump mapping. Animations include all control surfaces, engine components, nose and visor, aircraft doors and even wing flex! Special effects are used to simulate engine reheats (independent to each engine) and complex wing vortices, in addition to weather and failure scenario effects!

Virtual Cockpit and Cabin

Redeveloped entirely in 3D Studio Max, the Concorde-X virtual cockpit takes advantage of the experience the team gained working on previous products, to produce a visually stunning and technically accurate virtual cockpit. Complete with custom animations and beautifully rendered textures, the Flight Sim Labs Concorde-X virtual cockpit will be instrumental in the total immersion feeling we wish to deliver to our customers. (Preview images to be available as they’re developed).

The Concorde-X virtual cabin is designed to offer a peek into the 3D world with detailed seats for our demanding customers who wish to get a feeling of how it was to travel in Concorde style!

Instrument Panels

Improving on first-class award winning technology, the 2D instrument panels have been redesigned and redeveloped to follow the latest variable lighting techniques, using a blend of photorealistic and rendered image sources for clarity, usability and accuracy in command perspective.

The Flight Sim Labs Concorde X features cockpit systems with advanced functionality, programmed using engineering schematics with input from a whole range of Technical Advisors.

Simulating all primary and secondary flight and engine instrumentation, Automatic Flight Control System, Carousel IV-AC Inertial Navigation System, Master Warning System, Air Data System, independent Air Data Computers, Fly-By-Wire control laws, advanced fuel systems, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics, air conditioning, pressurization controls and engine/intake programs.

Airline Features and System Options

  • Captain and First Officer views
  • Complete Avionics – using advanced techniques to display crisp and fluid analogue instrumentation
  • Simulated system failures
  • Multicrew support
  • Aircraft load and balance configuration programs
  • Advanced cockpit lighting that can be fully customized with variable lighting intensity controls, flood lighting, panel back-lighting and label lighting


Internal and external sounds have been remastered to take advantage of the new FSX three dimensional technologies which provide a fuller, richer experience to the armchair pilot. Our audio engineers grappled with digitally advanced sources to give you the best in the latest FSX sound delivery.

Active Internet-Connection needed for installation! Offline-Activation only possible in contact with Aerosoft-Support

This Product Requires Online Activation

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