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AIRLINERS ENV 4.4 for FS2000/2002

[ENV-115]   Earn 46 Pilot Points
For FS2004.
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AIRLINERS ENV 4.4 for FS2000/2002
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  • Missing a flight attendant at your plane that is taking care about your passengers?
  • Missing a captain who is communicating with tower and passenger about the flight status?
  • Missing Passengers interacting to flight attendant and and captains flight skills?
  • Missing dynamic weather generation that constantly change with full control while you in flight?

  1. This adventure is changing the weather dynamically while you are flying or just staying at the airport. It calculates the weather depending from the season, the time and also the area you are. Small thunderstorms might appear, growing until it finally start raining or snowing. In the morning the chance of fog is higher than during the day. Mostly in the morning hours and in the winter or autumn. While flying you might get into turbulence and if the turbulence staying longer after a short time you will hear the fast seat belt sound. Try to get out of the turbulence by changing the altitude.
    There are some nice weather area implemented that getting activated if you are flying over special locations.

  2. The adventure also supports a very new kind of sounds: flight attendant voice to advise the passengers to fasten seat belt, when you prepare for landing or take off. There is also fasten seat belt sound, when the plane gets into turbulence. These sounds are included in this basic pack of the adventure. But there are a lot more sounds, like captains voice to welcome the passengers after take off, a flight attendant explaining what to do in emergency, while the plane is driving to the runway, new messages from the tower and much more.

For FS2004.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 16 November, 2005.
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