Flying-W - Super Traffic Board P3D1

Flying-W - Super Traffic Board P3D

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For Prepar3D.
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  • Flying-W - Super Traffic Board P3D1
  • Flying-W - Super Traffic Board P3D1
  • Flying-W - Super Traffic Board P3D1
  • Flying-W - Super Traffic Board P3D1
  • Flying-W - Super Traffic Board P3D1
  • Flying-W - Super Traffic Board P3D1
  • Flying-W - Super Traffic Board P3D1
  • Flying-W - Super Traffic Board P3D1

FSX Certified

Includes version

Now Includes Support for P3D v2 & v3!

What is Super Traffic Board?
  • Interactive airport style flight information board, AI management system and more.
  • Supports many popular AI packages including:
  • MyTrafficX;
  • TrafficX and TrafficX 360;
  • ORBX Full Terrain Experience (FTX) AI;
  • World of AI;
  • Can be used on the same computer as Prepar3D, or on a separate "client" computer.
  • Configuration wizards help you quickly set up STB exactly the way you want it, including the network configuration.
Flight Display - What you see:
  • "Real time" Prepar3D flight information including actual airport names, runway and gate data, speed, altitude, distance and AI events as they happen. Distance is reported with respect to airports, runways and allocated parking.
  • See your user aircraft listed as a flight in the same way as AI aircraft, and updated as various events occur during your flight.
  • Includes representative Airline logos for the AI packages above, and the user has the option of adding others. Airport Logos although not supplied may also be added.
  • Displays all flights according to their role, including Passenger, Cargo, Military and GA operations each with their own unique interpretation.
  • Three incremental levels of detail allow you to customize the flights you see:
  • Just those AI aircraft currently under simulation in Prepar3D;
  • Completed flights no longer in Prepar3D, including parked arrivals in "baggage claim", cancelations, diversions and departures that are "long gone";
  • Flights scheduled to occur in the future, that are yet to have an AI aircraft allocated to them in Prepar3D.
  • Custom filters focus the list of flights on display:
  • Filter by operator type, e.g. show passenger flights only.
  • Filter by COM1 radio, e.g. show only those aircraft sharing the same radio frequency and hence the same Air Traffic Controller as the user aircraft or selected AI aircraft.
  • As you fly around the world, STB automatically updates flight times to reflect the local time zone, and even recognizes the International Date Line.
  • Convert text to upper case to simulate vintage real world traffic boards.
AI Interaction - What you can do

User Commands:
  • View AI: See any aircraft in Flight Simulator by selecting a flight on the board.
  • Depart Now: Order aircraft to begin their departure procedures immediately rather than wait for the scheduled time, including flights that are yet to have an AI aircraft allocated to them in Prepar3D.
  • Approach Now: Select any arrival flight (including those well into the future) and have it approach the airport and land.
  • Arrive Now: Delete inbound flights and recreate them at a parking position with an onward departure schedule.
  • Listen AI: Listen to radio communications between AI Aircraft and ATC. Use in combination with the Follow AI Command and you can listen all the way from departure to arrival.
  • Optimize Traffic: Reduce your traffic volumes dynamically for the best possible simulator performance, with more flexibility than simply reducing traffic sliders.
  • View Schedule Information: Find out the previous and next schedules in addition to the current schedule for any flight listed.
  • Follow AI: Automatically follow an AI aircraft from departure to arrival, and on to the next leg in its schedule.
  • Chase AI: Moves your aircraft near the AI aircraft, so you can fly "escort".
  • Delete AI.
  • Slew On/Off: Pause and resume AI aircraft.
  • Improved tools for managing Prepar3D performance at busy airports; create just the AI traffic you wish to see.
  • Automated Flight Controller Features:
  • Airspace Conflict Resolution: Detects airspace conflicts between approaching AI aircraft, and moves aircraft "breaking the rules" to an arrival stand rather than leaving them to be deleted by Flight Simulator.
  • User Airspace Conflict Resolution: Detects airspace conflicts between the user aircraft and AI during your final approach to the airport. AI aircraft are moved to the arrival stand as necessary to clear your path to the runway.
  • Deleted Aircraft Recovery: Capture inbound aircraft that are deleted by Flight Simulator to relieve taxi way congestion, and recreate them on stand with a departure schedule.
  • Stuck Aircraft Recovery: Detect and rescue aircraft that are stuck in pre/post flight support, and send them on their way. Aircraft that cannot be rescued are deleted, releasing the parking space for others.
  • Departure Control: Automatically deploys flaps for departing AI aircraft.
Infrastructure - How it fits together
  • Configuration Wizard gets you up and running with your favorite AI package with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Import airport facility and AI schedule data into STB at the touch of a button; no need to separately decompile each BGL anymore.
  • Network support included at no additional charge. Use on a separate PC/Laptop from your main Prepar3D computer.
  • User interface available in US English, UK English and partial Swedish translation.
  • Stay up to date with automatic software update detection.
  • Highly customizable via a dedicated GUI.
  • Comprehensive User Guide included.
Pre-Requisites - What you need:
  • Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit);
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v2 , v3.5 and v4;
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1.4 or v2 or v3
  • If used on the same computer as Prepar3D, the simulator must be run in windowed mode. Full screen mode is available for Prepar3D if STB is used on another networked computer.
  • Support is not available for Ultimate Traffic 2.

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