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FS2Crew - PMDG 747

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For FS2004 and For FSX.
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  • FS2Crew - PMDG 7471
  • FS2Crew - PMDG 7471
  • FS2Crew - PMDG 7471

FSX Certified

The goal of every version of FS2Crew is simple:Maximum realism.

With the PMDG 747 and FS2Crew combination, Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX has never been so Real!

General Product Overview:

  • The PMDG 747 Edition of FS2Crew is a major release in the FS2Crew series. Shaped by user feedback, new ideas and constantly evolving programming techniques, it represents the culmination of two years' worth of design experience in the FS environment.

  • The PMDG 747 Edition is essentially an add-on designed specially for the PMDG 747. Basically it takes your PMDG 747, which is already a highly realistic simulation, and makes it even better and more immersive by adding a host of new features and functionality to the aircraft.

  • The central premise of the FS2Crew concept is that it is not realistic to fly airliners the same way you fly a Cessna 152. Airline flying involves team flying, and is not a single pilot affair. FS2Crew basically makes you fly just like a real airline pilot.

  • The default voice set that will ship with FS2Crew 747 features the voice of a real-world 747 Captain for the Captain's role, and the voice of a chief pilot of a corporate outfit for the FO's role.

  • With FS2Crew, you and your First Officer will perform your duties, flows, scans, checklists, memory items, etc., and interact with the Cabin and Ground Crew just as you would in real life. You will even interact with the Operations staff and Engineering.

  • To ensure maximum realism, FS2Crew is working closely with an active 747-400 FO to ensure that the procedures modeled mirror reality (in the context his airline's SOPs).

  • Like with every version of FS2Crew, you'll even be required to handle new situations, such as dealing with a sick passenger.

  • FS2Crew products are continually refined from one version to the next. Each version is custom coded from scratch, and the PMDG 747 version is no different. It is only through such customization at the basic code level that a truly technically accurate simulation can be created. This is especially of importance when dealing with aircraft like the PMDG 747, which is essentially a simulation within a simulation itself and heavily custom coded itself and not accessible via standard FSUIPC offsets or the MS Panels and Gauges SDK.

  • FS2Crew 747 comes with a custom, international Pushback/Start Crew so if you're flying in the UK, you'll hear a British Start Crew; if you're flying in Germany, you'll hear a German accented crew, etc.

  • When dealing with complex simulations, keeping the learning curve down to reasonable levels is always an issue. To that end, a totally new interface method has been designed for the PMDG 747 Edition that is very clean and simple to operate, and more visual than the interface method used in the ATR and 767 Editions.

  • The FSX version was significantly updated to include the latest FS2Crew innovations, such as DirectX integration. Other improvements over the FS9 version were also incorporated to make a totally new product.

  • Questions about the new PMDG 747 Edition of FS2Crew can be addressed through the FS2Crew forum or via email. The forum will be continually updated with news and other important information.

Important Note:

The FS9 Version of FS2Crew PMDG 747 is a separate download and purchase. Click here to get the FS9 Version.

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