FSPS - Xtreme P3D Booster1

FSPS - Xtreme P3D Booster

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  • FSPS - Xtreme P3D Booster1
  • FSPS - Xtreme P3D Booster1
  • FSPS - Xtreme P3D Booster1
  • FSPS - Xtreme P3D Booster1
  • FSPS - Xtreme P3D Booster1
  • FSPS - Xtreme P3D Booster1
  • FSPS - Xtreme P3D Booster1
  • FSPS - Xtreme P3D Booster1

Xtreme P3D Booster has been designed keeping in mind the thousands of possible hardware configurations. The special software analyzes your computer hardware in depth (CPU, GPU, memory, hard disc speed and etc.) and sets a number of documented and undocumented tweaks to the correct values that is optimal for your PC.

No technical knowledge is needed. Just execute Xtreme P3D Booster, then Prepar3D and enjoy it with the maximum frames and smoothness you can get from your PC without changing any of your Prepar3D sliders.

While some tweaks have been posted at many forums, many of them can not work for anyone. Tweaks are values that configure Prepar3D internal code options. So, if you just copy a tweak with the value, Prepar3D will slow down or became unstable if this value is not suitable for your PC. Of course, many tweaks are tide together, so, if one tweak value is ok and the other is not, then the result will be the same. There are almost 10 important tweaks that needs to be calculated exactly and all of them need a lot of calculations. So, the maximum calculations can be millions. That's why we are using computers and software's. Computers do those calculations for us in just some milliseconds and not days, months, years. This is what Xtreme P3D Booster can do for your Prepar3D. Give the maximum from Prepar3D code.

So, at every execution, Xtreme P3D Booster while reading all of your current hardware will do special calculations about the tweaks that need to apply for your Prepar3D.

Also, most of the Simmers, except Prepar3D use also external programs/utilities like Active sky and etc. Any of those programs consumes a lot of CPU power that Prepar3D needs. Setting those kind of add-ons inside Xtreme P3D Booster, will handle them in a special way. Those programs will always try to find idle core or cores of your CPU will they are running without affecting the cores that works for Prepar3D. So, Prepar3D will always be the program with the most dedicated CPU Power.

Xtreme P3D Booster, is a complete solution for starters and Xtreme simmers.

Requires Prepar3D version 1.4

This Product Requires Online Activation

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