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by william mouradian *Verified Product User* Date Added: Monday 27 July, 2009
This product is fantastic! My first review missed the point. I previously reviewed it based on very limited knowledge. Mr. Gordo read the review, and encouraged me to learn the product better, which I have started to do. His response to my several questions was always within less than 24 hours. While I am not completely skilled with this product, I can say this: This is a very useful product not only in instructor situations, but even for people with only a laptop and a single lowly display, but who want to tinker with various parameters as their flights progress.

I totally missed the point in my first review: For the individual user, even with just a single laptop, you set up FS and IS in two windows, tiled or whatever. Then, as you go through your FS routines, you can pause FS and tinker with most all the parameters (at appropriate times, of course), by simply switching screens. Otherwise, to tinker in FS, you use the menu bar or the settings screens. Even at that, the FS options available, for example, for weather, are far more limited than those in IS.

This is very different, and makes changing all these things on the fly a breeze, instead of a pain in the neck. You simply switch screens over to the IS and select the appropriate menu item, and switch back to FS. Push "P" to unpause, and you are flying again. There are several sections: The "General" section sets parameters including aircraft type. The "Network" section allows for starting and stopping FS, and starting and stopping Wideclient applications. Those 2 sections are the least important to an individual user.

The next section, "Position," does in fact let you position the airplane anywhere, including actual positions for pushback. From that screen you can also do an automatic start up and set autopilot parameters. You can also do this within FS but not as easily. The advantage of this product is that you can play with it on-the-fly. The "Environment" section allows the user to tinker with weather on-the-fly, and in much more detail, without going to FS weather screens. Gordo's weather engine manipulates lots of weather variables.
The "Fuel/load" section is primarily for the bigger planes and allows for manipulating fuel in 5 tanks. The "Performance" section monitors many flight parameters. It offers a lot of logging and lots of reporting and plotting for the OCD's among us. The "Failures" section allows for manipulating engine, gear, panel, flaps, and spoiler, instantly, or on a delayed basis. This function can be paused as well. This is primarily for the A320 and B737 systems. The "Views" section basically a combination of the various function and TOPHAT keys available in FS, but probably quicker to use. I have never used SLEW, and so I won't comment on that function.

In short, if you like to play with flight variables on-the-fly (no pun intended) this is a very useful product, primarily because you, as a single user, can play with these things, often times in more detail, even with just a single screen setup, without "backing up" into the menu bars or setting screens of FS. And when you do play, you frequently get more options than with the basic FS screens.

By the way, I paid full price for the product and have no commercial simmer relationships. Gordo advises that there is a trial available. Try it.

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