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Taburet - Puerto Rico Photorealistic Sccenery

[TAB-315]   Earn 50 Pilot Points
For FSX.
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Taburet - Puerto Rico Photorealistic Sccenery
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FSX Certified

It is a photorealistic scenery for day and night / summer - covering the whole State of Puerto Rico The scenery resolution is 1.2 m / pix. Optimized to ensure that all users benefit from the highest frames rates as possible. Very easy download and automatic installation!

Fully compatible with FSX SP1 - SP2 - Acceleration.

Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth in association with the United States. The chief of state is the President of the United States of America. The head of government is an elected Governor. There are two legislative chambers:  the House of Representatives, 51 seats, and the Senate, 27 seats.

Puerto Rico has authority over its internal affairs. United States controls:
interstate trade, foreign relations and commerce, customs administration, control of air, land and sea,
immigration and emigration, nationality and citizenship, currency, maritime laws, military service, military bases, army,
navy and air force, declaration of war, constitutionality of laws, jurisdictions and legal procedures,
treaties, radio and television--communications, agriculture, mining and minerals, highways, postal system;
Social Security, and other areas generally controlled by the federal government in the United States.
Puerto Rican institutions control internal affairs unless U.S. law is involved, as in matters of public
health and pollution. The major differences between Puerto Rico and the 50 states are exemption from
some aspects of the Internal Revenue Code, its lack of voting representation in either house of the U.S.
Congress (Senate and House of Representatives), the ineligibility of Puerto Ricans to vote in presidential
elections, and its lack of assignation of some revenues reserved for the states.

For FSX.

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Taburet - Puerto Rico Photorealistic Sccenery
Great Puerto Rico scenery for anyone that loves flying aroun ..
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