Top Skills - Instrument Flying for FS Pilots Download1

Top Skills - Instrument Flying for FS Pilots Download

[TOD-105]   Earn 30 Pilot Points
For FS2004 and For FSX and For X-Plane and For Prepar3D.
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  • Top Skills - Instrument Flying for FS Pilots Download1
  • Top Skills - Instrument Flying for FS Pilots Download1
  • Top Skills - Instrument Flying for FS Pilots Download1
  • Top Skills - Instrument Flying for FS Pilots Download1

FSX Certified
Prepaid 3D

Learn About
  • Rules regarding instrument conditions
  • IFR requirements and restrictions
  • Crucial flight and navigation instruments
  • Making, filing, and using IFR flight plans
  • Using instrument en route and approach charts
  • Following take-off and landing minimums
  • Flying cross-country entirely on instruments
  • Performing holding patterns and procedure turns
  • Executing prescribed approach procedures
  • and much, much more!
  • 160 pages of advanced knowledge
  • Find Needed Information Quickly And Easily

  • Well organized and clearly written
  • Divided into relevant chapters
  • Supported with images and tables
  • Headings and captions guide you throughout
  • Written in plain English
  • Fully indexed
  • Convenient format
Wide Application
  • For all home flight simmers
  • For anywhere in the world
  • For any home flight-simulation program
  • Not for real-world aviation
Common Compatibility
Readable with any program that reads portable document format (PDF) files such as:
  • Adobe
  • Nitro
  • Kindle
  • Libre
  • Nook
If your e-reader displays PDF files, it will display Instrument Flying for Flight-Sim Pilots.

Written and Published by Professionals
  • Experienced flight simmers
  • Certified pilots
  • Trained writers and editors
  • Dimensions: 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches (14 cm by 22 cm), or approximately A5
  • Ebook file size: 3.1 mb
  • Archive file size: 3.9 mb
  • Password protected
  • Instructions included
Includes Free V-Speed Card
  • Most common general aviation V-Speeds
  • Minimums, maximum, and optimums
  • Listed by abbreviation, alphabetically on one side
  • Listed by abbreviation, by relative speed on other side
  • Clearly described
  • Applies universally, not to any particular aircraft
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Message From the Author
Instructions supplied with flight-simulation programs skim the surface of what a flight-sim pilot needs to know. And real-world aviation books explain much more than home flight simmers need to know. My books are focused on just what you need. If you enjoy simulating flight realistically, as I do, you will enjoy my books. - Bill Stack

Satisfaction Guaranteed
I know you will enjoy Instrument Flying for Flight-Sim Pilots and you will be glad you have it because I invest a lot of time and effort toward making quality products that are useful to people. That is why I can guarantee your satisfaction. If this book is not as I describe, your money will be refunded. - Bill Stack

Relevancy Notice
My flight-sim books are only for home flight-simulation computer games. They are based on real aviation laws, regulations, and procedures so home flight-simulation enthusiasts can maximize their enjoyment. Because some aspects of home flight-simulation games are not exactly like real-world aviation, some information in my books is not exactly like real flight. That is why these books are not intended for and should not be used for real-world flight or lessons. TopSkills and I accept no liability for any misuse of my flight-simulation manuals.
- Bill Stack, author

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