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by Max Ashton *Verified Product User* Date Added: Sunday 19 November, 2017
This is a blast to fly, installation, easy pezzy! Fun and easy to fly, heck yes! Is the autopilot easy to figure out? Yes, (bare in mind you have to hold autopilot master on for a couple off seconds to turn it on, I figured that out after playing with it for a while, I'm still learning stuff about the 172!).

Looks are detailed to every bolt and screw, the thing I love the most is the parts you can take on and put off the aircraft, e.g. the wheel covers... you also get to choose what parts off the plane your prefer having, e.g. engine, type off fuel...

The sound is great as well, the thing I love the most about this plane. that other 3rd party planes don't have is when you the click on the headphone jack it's like your'e listening with headphones on in the aircraft (it quietens down the plane just like IRL), a very special feature that more 3rd party addons should consider.

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