A2A/Shockwave - Focke Wulf Long Nose1

A2A/Shockwave - Focke Wulf Long Nose

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  • A2A/Shockwave - Focke Wulf Long Nose1
  • A2A/Shockwave - Focke Wulf Long Nose1
  • A2A/Shockwave - Focke Wulf Long Nose1
  • A2A/Shockwave - Focke Wulf Long Nose1
  • A2A/Shockwave - Focke Wulf Long Nose1
  • A2A/Shockwave - Focke Wulf Long Nose1

The late model Focke Wulf "Long Nose" was the nemesis of the USAAF P-51D Mustang in the skies over Europe during World War II. This latest Wings of Power offering from Shockwave includes five different models from this ultra high-performance fighter.

The crowning achievement in this series is the Ta152H high altitude interceptor, which is the most advanced prop-driven fighter developed during World War II. It was fast, maneuverable, powerful, and had the ability to reach altitude of over 48,000 feet. The Ta152H had a pressurized canopy and had a to speed of 467mph TAS@41,000 feet MSL.

The synergy between Shockwave's fluid flight dynamics, 3D cockpit environments, and sound technology represent the heart of Shockwave's relentless pursuit of "Absolute Realism."

"With this latest Wings of Power release, we are pushing the limits of Flight Simulator 2004 further than ever to recreate the power characteristics of the supercharged piston engine. We worked directly from authentic power charts for these aircraft to reproduce, as closely as possible, the way these engines behave at various altitudes, throttle positions, RPM, and when emergency power is engaged.

The distinctly different manner in which the GM-1 nitrous oxide injection functions as contrasted with the water-methanol injection is clearly explained in our documentation and closely duplicated. Details were carefully researched and authentically captured (even to the point of converting Pfederstarke (PS) to horsepower from these authentic charts to ensure the closest fidelity possible). As always, rates of climb, cruising performance, range, speeds, and even combat and service ceilings have been certified accurate using original research sources. Flight characteristics even reflect the added weight and length of the "long-nose" as compared to the original Fw190.

For those who appreciate the accuracy and attention to detail of the Wings of Power aircraft, this is yet another step forward for Absolute Realism," said Scott Gentile of Shockwave Productions Inc.


  • Unprecedented authenticity inside and out
  • Built with the very latest "Absolute realism" flight technology
    • Can be flown "by the book"
    • Built from actual aircraft tests
    • "Absolute Realism" means the entire flight envelope is modeled via the actual pilot's training manuals
      • Authentic power characteristics of the supercharged piston engine with various combinations of the MW-50 and GM-1 boost systems
      • Realistic cruise performance under various conditions with realistic fuel economy
      • Absolute Realism even delivers authentic "distance-to-altitude" performance under various power settings
      • High engine torque means full power cannot be applied with brakes on or aircraft will "nose over"
  • Gorgeously constructed aircraft, inside and out, down to the last rivet
  • Professionally recorded and mastered engine sounds
    • Warbird in-line engine sounds captured by Shockwave engineers at all power levels
    • Stall buffet, canopy, ground roll, flaps, gyro, and authentic cockpit wind
    • Special canopy pressurizing and release sounds
  • Authentic drop tank release actually drops both fuel and weight
  • Both modern and veteran warbird pilots helped create the "feel" of flight
  • "Wings of Power "Special Effects" package includes:
    • Historically accurate lighting for stunning nighttime visuals
    • Realistic startup visuals modeled after the real aircraft
    • Belly landings with realistic effects and physics programming
  • Shockwave's continued highest standard for high quality manuals
    • Full sized (11" X 8"), 82-page landscape manual with authentic performance and function
    • Absolute Realism Certified Specifications
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