Abacus - Aircraft Design Guide Book 3 For FSX1

Abacus - Aircraft Design Guide Book 3 For FSX

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  • Abacus - Aircraft Design Guide Book 3 For FSX1
  • Abacus - Aircraft Design Guide Book 3 For FSX1
  • Abacus - Aircraft Design Guide Book 3 For FSX1
  • Abacus - Aircraft Design Guide Book 3 For FSX1
  • Abacus - Aircraft Design Guide Book 3 For FSX1
  • Abacus - Aircraft Design Guide Book 3 For FSX1
  • Abacus - Aircraft Design Guide Book 3 For FSX1


FSX Certified

Compatible With: FSX (Intended for use with FS Design Studio v3.5)

Boolean Operations are one of the most powerful features of FS Design Studio. They let you "cut" your way through the surfaces to make doors and windows, for example.

Mastering boolean operations will take you a long way along the road to making superior models. Since performing these operations requires very long and complex calculations, they are often tricky to use.

To help you understand and become proficient with boolean operations, Adam Howe has written a step-by-step guide that demonstrates many of the techniques that he's discovered in designing new aircraft models. Since they are so complex, Adam shows you many of the obstacles that's he's encountered, ways to avoid these same errors and complete your aircraft and scenery models.

Book 3 picks up where Book 2 left off and includes the ending project files and examples from Book 2 so you can easily follow along.

Other Books in the Aircraft Design Guide series include:
  • Book 1: FS Design Studio Basics
  • Book 2: Modeling the Exterior
  • Book 4: Aircraft Animation
  • Book 5: Texturing the Model
  • Book 6: Creating the Virtual Cockpit
Table of Contents - 192 pages

Chapter 1 Creating the Left Aileron
  • Creating a Tool
  • Performing the Boolean Operation
  • Fixing Errors Found On Boolean Part
  • Saving The Tool Part
  • Selecting and Deleting The Extra Parts
  • Correcting Parts After The Boolean
  • Filling In The Gaps
  • Selecting Parts To Join
  • Adjusting The Aileron Axis
  • Chapter 2 Creating The Flap
  • Loading A Part
  • Selecting And Moving Points
  • Performing The Boolean Operation
  • Deleting The Extra Parts
  • Adding A Point
  • Making A Polygon From Selected Points
  • Adjusting The Flap Axis
Chapter 3 Creating The Right Aileron
  • Moving A Part From One Side To The Other
  • Checking for Errors and Using The Boolean
  • Finishing the Right Aileron
Chapter 4 Creating The Right Flap
  • Loading and Correcting the Left Flap Tool
  • Performing The Boolean Operation
  • Splitting Polygons Into New Parts
  • Adding A Point To The Right Flap
  • Joining Selected Parts
  • Snapping To Scale
  • Finishing The Right Flap
Chapter 5 Reconstructing Parts
  • Reconstruction Tip
s Chapter 6 Creating The Rudder
  • Creating The Tool
  • Performing The Boolean Operation
  • Fixing Axis Problems
  • Determining The Rudder Angle
Chapter 7 Creating The Door
  • Creating A Template
  • Saving The Template
  • Extruding A Template
  • Editing The New Part
  • Performing The Boolean Operation
  • Creating the Door Window
  • Reverting To A Previous Project
  • Splitting Apart The Door Window
  • Polishing The Points Of The Door
  • Adjusting the Fuselage Points To Match The Door
  • Adjusting The Door Axis
Chapter 8 Creating And Applying Materials
  • Opening The Materials List
  • Add New Material
  • Material Editor
  • Selecting A New Material Color
  • Using Material Alpha Settings In FSDS
Chapter 9 Creating The Windows And Windshield
  • Saving The Materials List
  • Reverting To A Previous Project
  • Recreating The Tools From Saved Templates
  • Joining All Tools And Performing The Boolean Operation
  • Cleaning Up The Parts
  • Fixing The Door Situation
  • Creating A Part Hierarchy (Parent Parts)
Chapter 10 Creating The Elevator
  • Adjusting The Horizontal Stabilizer
  • Performing The Boolean Operation
  • Fixing The Vertical Stabilizer
  • Compiling The Aircraft And Testing It In FSX
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