Abacus - Mission X-Pack for FSX1

Abacus - Mission X-Pack for FSX

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  • Abacus - Mission X-Pack for FSX1
  • Abacus - Mission X-Pack for FSX1
  • Abacus - Mission X-Pack for FSX1
  • Abacus - Mission X-Pack for FSX1
  • Abacus - Mission X-Pack for FSX1


FSX Certified

Airbus A319 Test Pilot

The Airbus A319 Test Pilot is the newest member of our Mission Collection series. Each of these add-ons include complete contents:
  • Aircraft
  • Scenery
  • Creative mission script
  • Sound effects
  • Narration
  • Two Extensive Missions
Here are two complete, separate missions. Firstly, you'll depart from Toulouse Blagnac, do touch and go's at Biarritz and proceed to the Atlantic Ocean test area. Time to complete is 2hrs 30 minutes.

Secondly, you'll fly the A319 to Innsbruck, Austria where top executives will check out the new aircraft. Estimated time to complete is 2hrs 30 minutes.

Battle For Zeebrugge

The Battle for Zeebrugge is a complet mission packge for FSX that includes the mission, an aircraft as well as custom objects used in the mission. Set in WWI, enemy destroyers are attacking from Zeebrugge and heading into the North Sea making their way to the English Channel. They are heavily defended by fighters and bombers.

Your aircraft, a Sopwith Pup, has been specially fitted to deploy torpedoes. You'll need to fly low and take out the three destroyers.

Good luck.

Crop Dusting Missions

The Crop Dusting Missions is a complete mission set for FSX incuding 3 complete missions with audio, a new aircraft to fly and special objects used in the missions.

From The Basics To The Expertise You'll fly three different missions taking four to six hours to complete them all in the included AT-802 crop duster.

Your first flight will familiarize you with the basics of crop dusting.

Next, you're hired in Cut Knife, Canada. Your mission is to spray five different farms in the area.

Finally, the government wants you to help spray for locusts in central Iowa.

We wish you luck as you take on the challenge.

Day of the Zeppelins

The Day of the Zeppelins is a complete mission set for FSX that includes a complete mission, a highly detailed aircraft and sepcial objects used in the mission.

Repelling The Assault by the Zeppelins

The enemy has launched an all out assault by a fleet of Zeppelins. The skies are filled with these huge and dangerous aircraft and must be taken out.

With your Avro 504K, you'll try to clear the skies. Using some very special effects perfected by Ron Jeffers, you'll be able to clear the skies with your guns - but only if you're skillful. But mind yourself, the enemy is intent on protecting these sky monsters.

Good luck!

North Country Bush Missions

The North Country Bush Missions includes a complete mission set for FSX including 2 full-length missions with audio, a high-quality aircraft and custom scenery objects and audio used in the missions. Each mission will take you over an hour to complete!

As a pilot-for-hire in the rugged northern areas of Canada and Alaska, you are often asked to transport people and cargo to remote areas.

Alaska Trekking
Alaska Trekking is your first mission. You'll fly from Lake Hood Strip near Anchorage and fly to Little Susitna to pick up a group of hikers who want to experience the challenge of the Alaskan wildnerness and more.

Bear Photo Bear Photo Hunting
Hunting puts you on floats flying to Egmont, Canada to pick up renowned nature photographer as you search for grizzlies to photograph.

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