Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS20041

Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS2004

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  • Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS20041
  • Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS20041
  • Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS20041
  • Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS20041
  • Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS20041
  • Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS20041
  • Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS20041
  • Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS20041
  • Abacus - EZ Scenery For FS20041

Compatible with: FS2004

Our Flight Simulator customers have told us over the years that they prefer new scenery second only to new aircraft. This is the idea behind EZ-Scenery. Whether you want to do simply add your house to the FS world or create an entirely new paradise you'll be able to do it quickly and accurately with EZ-Scenery.

Because you "drop" 3D objects directly into Flight Simulator 2004 as it's running, you have precise control over the position of each object. You can later select any of the objects to move or delete from the scenery. EZ-Scenery makes it possible for superior designs that even beginners can make.

Many users know that Flight Simulator FS2004 already includes several 3D objects in the FS2004 libraries. What is less known, is that these libraries contain hundreds of unique 3D objects. For example, the Empire State Building that is part of the New York City scenery is actually a 3D object from the FS2004 library. So is the Eiffel Tower that is part of the Paris scenery.

The libraries contain many more generic 3D objects: square buildings, rectangular high rises, single family homes, multiple family dwellings, sports stadiums, transportation vehicles and much more. In addition to the default FS2004 libraries, EZ-Scenery includes several libraries with hundreds additional 3D objects that you can use for your own sceneries.

The beauty of EZ-Scenery is its ability to use these huge built-in libraries of 3D objects to create entirely new scenery. You can place these 3D objects precisely anywhere in the FS world. You'll be able to build your own libraries using the included EZ-Library Manager to import importing scenery model files created using FS Design Studio (Version 3 or higher) and Gmax.

EZ-Scenery includes a set of libraries containing several hundred 3D objects called the EZ-Libraries. They're filled with vehicles, signs, buildings and other unique objects to use in your own designs. The EZ-Libraries are freely available to all Flight Sim users to download and install on their Flight Simulator systems, thereby simplifying the sharing of your sceneries that use any of these 3D objects.

EZ-Scenery supports libraries from other programs so be sure to obtain permission before distributing any custom scenery with libraries other than the included EZ-Libraries.

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