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Abacus - Tips, Tricks & Trips Printed Book

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Tips, Tricks & Trips

Having More Fun with Flight Simulator X!

Microsoft's Flight Simulator X is now making its way onto the computer systems of many virtual pilots. FSX takes advantage of today's more powerful processors and graphic cards to deliver an extraordinary realistic simulation environment. Within FSX lies a huge variety of user controlled features that broaden the experience even further than was previously possible. With this additional power comes some level of complexity. The aim of this new book is to put the complexity to rest so that you can enjoy the Flight Simulator experience rather than fight it.

Adam Howe and Scott Slaughter, two flight sim experts who also have many years of writing experience, are putting their thoughts to pen for their new book Tips, Tricks & Trips for Flight Simulator X. This is not a users manual for Flight Simulator X. Instead, it's a collection of "right to the point" articles that will help you run FSX faster, better, easier and have more fun!.

Tips, Tricks & Trips presents topics that you won't find elsewhere. This new 220-page book is written for easy reading.

BONUS! Free CD ROM included complete with video tips and more!

Here are some of the topics that you'll read about in Tips, Tricks & Trips for Flight Simulator X:

  • Changing the Weather in FSX - Find how to change the winds, clouds and precipitation to suit your flying skills
  • Don't Be Afraid of The Dark - a step-by-step nighttime flight gets you comfortable with all of the lights both inside and outside of the aircraft.
  • Sign Language - a look at all of the airport signs and marking that you need to be prepared for while piloting on the ground
  • Stalls & Spins - Understand why your aircraft stalls and spins and more importantly find out how to recover from one.
  • Oh, No! You've Lost Your Engine - Learn how to handle situations immediately after departure and during flight.
  • Flying with the Keyboard - In spite of all of the impressive joysticks, yokes and controllers, many of us still use the keyboard to handle certain aircraft controls functions. Here's the most important key combinations that you'll need to use
  • Aerobatics - Learn to fly many of the aerobatic maneuvers performed by Patty Wagstaff, Sean D Tucker and others.
  • Flight seeing Adventure - We take you on a very scenic flight between the lowest and highest points in North America - from Death Valley, CA to Leadville, CO.
  • How to Slew - moving around without actually flying. You'll get there faster!
  • Controlling FSX with Menus - explains the menu items and what they control
  • FSX Files and Folders - This article explains the basic structure and file types
  • Tuning FSX Displays - discusses the different screen resolutions, aircraft, scenery and weather settings
  • Using ILS - how to set up and fly instrument landing system approaches
  • Adding New Scenery - how to use the Scenery Library and the scenery.cfg file to add new scenery to FSX
  • Tuning the Panel.CFG - adding a new gauge or removing an unused one
  • Man on A Mission - how to create missions using the Object Placement Tool

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Abacus - Tips, Tricks & Trips

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