aeroG - UV-4 UAV for FSX & P3D1

aeroG - UV-4 UAV for FSX & P3D

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  • aeroG - UV-4 UAV for FSX & P3D1
  • aeroG - UV-4 UAV for FSX & P3D1
  • aeroG - UV-4 UAV for FSX & P3D1
  • aeroG - UV-4 UAV for FSX & P3D1
  • aeroG - UV-4 UAV for FSX & P3D1


FSX Certified
Prepaid 3D

This version of the UV-4 is for FSX, FSX Steam and Prepar3D v3 (P3Dv3) Only. You can get the version for Prepar3D v4 (P3Dv4) HERE!

UV-4 V/STOL UAV is an unmanned vehicle designed to transport cargo via autonomous or remote pilot operations. With an interior cargo bay.

The goal of our project is to convey payload at anytime, anywhere and in any condition. This model was created as a means to display the potential of a duct fan rotor craft powered by multiple electric motors. The system made its launch in 2015, since then advances and improvements have been completed to the air frame and power plant configurations thus delivering an efficient means of lift using smaller and therefore quieter propeller then traditional helicopters.

The function of the duct system serves as a mean of channeling pressure and vectoring thrust, giving the UV-4 a unique control system and improved maneuverability. The design of a low speed "T-Tail" houses the function of yaw control with multiple rudders located on its vertical stabilizer, and elevators on its horizontal stabilizer. In addition, the rear duct systems may pivot up to less then sixty degrees forward and backwards to deliver the vector thrust where the aircraft needs it to be. The cargo bay may house up to four thousand pounds of deliverable payload. As its max gross take-off weight is designed to reach twelve thousand five hundred pounds.

The electrical systems on the aircraft use a network of batteries, generators, and its two electrical motors. Proving five hundred horse power each, totaling one thousand (1,000) horse power. An electrical charge then powers the mechanization used to spin the propeller to its desired rate per minute. Perhaps in the near future an additional system can be created to generate electrical charges from the spinning propeller inside the duct, and collect it, sending it back into the aircraft's power systems or recharging the battery. Aircraft by Rob Gomez & Kris Pyatt

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (DVD version), OR
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, OR
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3

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