Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1

Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D

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  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1
  • Aerosoft - Aspen Extended for FSX and P3D1


FSX Certified
Prepaid 3D

Includes Version 1.20

Aspen Pitkin County Airport is not an airport to be taken lightly. Not only is it surrounded by high and steep terrain on almost any side, it is also prone to severe weather, with strong winds and massive snow falls, and to make matters worse it is located at 7,280 ft.

Even when the weather is warm and visibility is great, the combination of altitude and high Density Altitude (see appendix A) will make departures and arrivals even more dangerous. As the runway is only usable in one direction (RWY15 for landing, RWY 33 for departure) you might be forced to land with unfavorable winds. A glance at the accident databases online shows how dangerous Aspen can be.

The airport is mostly used by ‘private’ jets Gulfstreams, Learjets and the likes are very common. Of course this is because Aspen has its fair share of rich and/or famous residents. The stunning scenery, (pun intended), the ski slopes and the relaxed feel of the small town (population 6,000) make it a popular place to relax and spend some time in semi-anonymity.

This Extended version is a full rebuild of the original 2007 version using the latest technology and features the updated longer runway.

  • Up-to-date rendering of Aspen Pitkin County Airport (KASE), including extended runway and new taxiways, Fire Station (with Oshkosh Striker 1500), Fixed-Base Operator, Terminal and hangars.
  • Fully baked high resolution textures with ambient occlusion shadows and light maps for all airport and town models.
  • 100 square kilometers of high resolution photo scenery (30cm, LOD17) covering the Aspen Valley, with full seasonal and night variations.
  • 5 meter (LOD13) mesh covering 2400 square kilometers of the Rocky Mountains around Aspen.
  • Tarmac and runway markings with realistic wet weather and specular effects.
  • All current VFR and IFR approaches.
  • Detailed rendering of the Aspen Valley Hospital and emergency helipad (CO50).
  • Dozens of custom local landmarks, including Aspen High School, Aspen Chapel, Aspen Recreation Center, Hotel Jerome and Benedict Music Tent.
  • Animated `Silver Queen` gondola to Ajax.
  • Extremely dense custom Aspen-style autogen houses and mansions.
  • Static CRJ-700s in United Express and Delta liveries.
  • Realistic new runway and street lighting system.
  • Animated windsocks.
  • Compatible with Vero-FS `Heart of Colorado` photo scenery.
System requirements
  • FSX: SP2, FSX: STEAM or Prepar3D V3
  • Windows 7/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10 (all fully updated and preferably 64 bits)
  • 2.0 GHz processor (Intel Core 2 Duo highly recommended)
  • 8 GB RAM internal memory
  • 2 GB graphic card (3 GB highly recommended)
  • PDF reader for manual
  • Download-Size: 2.7 GB
  • Installation-Size: 3.7 GB
Changes in Version 1.10 Includes

  • Improved seasonal blending from default landclass to photoscenery layers.
  • Added static private jets to KASE.
  • Removed default I-PKN localizer model and lights from Aspen Mountain.
  • Removed unrealistic default CO03 flatten platform (visible on hills to west on runway 15 approach) and replaced with sloped gravel runway and start points.
  • Fixed crashes at higher realism settings when taxiing onto runway from some jetways.
  • Fixed duplicate parking spot warning
  • Users of FSX Acceleration may see double windsocks. To fix this, disable Aspen_Windsocks_DX9.bgl or Aspen_Windsocks_DX10.bgl (whichever is in use) by renaming the file type from 'bgl' to '.off'. Then copy all 6 files from Scenery/FSX acceleration windsocks into your /Scenery folder.
  • Replaced streetlight flares to fix P3d bug where LOD models do not first become visible until close to user.
  • Ground markings recreated in P3d v2+ native format to minimize floating objects/shadows.
  • Implemented draw-call batching and draw-call optimization (c.50% fewer drawcalls on most models).
  • House and car model density settings implemented: use FSX/Prepar3d 'Scenery Density' (NOT 'Autogen Scenery Density') to switch. EXTREMELY DENSE/VERY DENSE = 100% models, DENSE = 80% models, NORMAL = 60% models, SPARSE = 40% models, VERY SPARSE = 20%.
  • Implemented ability to switch between resource intensive animated and static gondola models (static model enabled by default). Rename 'Aspen_gondola_animated.bgl' to '' AND '' to 'Aspen_gondola_static_bgl' to disable animated and enable static gondola.
  • Many textures optimized.

The following files can be turned off to improve performance on lower spec systems by changing the filename from '.bgl' to '.off'.
  • Aspen_StreetLights_All.bgl (places street and highway lighting and streetlight models; these are resource intensive on some systems)
  • Aspen_Car_Placements.bgl (places static cars in the airport and hospital carparks)
  • Aspen_Lights_Placement_Lighpoles.bgl (places models for the airport lighting)
  • Aspen_Lights_Placement_Halo.bgl (places lightpools under the airport lights)
  • Aspen_Static_Aircraft (places static CRJ-700s and private jets

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