Aerosoft - Berlin S-Bahn1

Aerosoft - Berlin S-Bahn

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  • Aerosoft - Berlin S-Bahn1
  • Aerosoft - Berlin S-Bahn1
  • Aerosoft - Berlin S-Bahn1
  • Aerosoft - Berlin S-Bahn1
  • Aerosoft - Berlin S-Bahn1
  • Aerosoft - Berlin S-Bahn1
  • Aerosoft - Berlin S-Bahn1

Urban railway of Berlin

Enjoy the typical flair of Germany's capital by driving an S-Bahn train all the way from the Ostbahnhof via Alexanderplatz, Bahnhof Zoo and Charlottenburg right to Potsdam.

Control the BR 481/482 and BR477 trains along the so-called "Stadtbahnstrecke" (urban city line) and watch all the original detailed buildings and stations of Berlin City roll by.

Created by a real "Berliner", this add-on for Microsoft Train Simulator surprises with an extremely highly detailed route right through the heart of Berlin. Not only have all the stations been recreated to the original, even the railway depots and relevant institutions as well as nearly each and every building close to the line are there to be seen like in reality. Anyone who has ever taken a ride on the real Berlin S-Bahn will surely recognize every building. The route starts at the Ostbahnhof and leads via the stations Alexanderplatz, Friedrichstrae, Tiergarten, Bahnhof Zoo, Charlottenburg, Wetskreuz, and Wannsee to Potsdam. Watch the "Gedchtniskirche" or the famous TV tower pass by. Even though the amount of objects and details is enormous, the developer has successfully taken care to ensure a smooth and fluid display when driving the trains along the route.

On a route length of approx. 100 km it has for the first time been accomplished to combine a route with both a live rail for the S-Bahn as well as the common overhead contact wire for the usual trains in a single add-on. This allows simulating train service by the DB (Federal Railways) as well as the S-Bahn service.

Included as rolling stock are two S-Bahn trains, the BR477 and 481/482 as well as a regional train, the BR143. Numerous new activities introduce the train driver to a normal working day on the Berlin S-Bahn and on a regional train, guaranteeing hours of fun with this add-on for Microsoft Train Simulator.

A printed english manual with lots of information around the S-Bahn and the route make this a perfect add-on for the virtual train driver.

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