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by Andrew Gordon  Date Added: Tuesday 08 August, 2017
Finally !!!! After 8 years of development, at long last we have a worthy competitor to the Feelthere ERJ and E-Jet Regional Jet series. The Aerosoft/Digital Aviation CRJ 700/900 was definitely worth the wait.

First up: The developers issued two updates to the add-on immediately after release. One the day after the release, the next, the following day. That said, the plane was still perfectly flyable without the patches. Just want to point out that they are still shaking out some minor bugs.

The cockpit is spot on. High res 4K textures. Just about everything is simulated. The documentation is complete and thorough, including a tutorial flight.

Its a 1 Gig installer, that you can install for Steam and P3D.

The best thing about this addon: Dave. Dave is the name of the iPad tablet that is mounted next to the pilot and copilot in the virtual cockpit. From here you can customize aircraft options (Lbs, vs Kg, inches of Mg, vs Millibars, etc). You can also use Dave to load the aircraft fuel, passengers and cargo. Dave also has all the checklists for all phases of flight.

Included in this package is a desktop load manager app that does some of the stuff that Dave does, and a few other things. Unlike other add-on load managers, this one you have to have the sim running with the aircraft loaded in order to use it.

Finally, the plane is fun to fly. Very stable. Won't freak out when you up the sim rate to x8 or x16. Also, it doesn't have an autothrottle, you need to manage the vertical profile yourself.

Overall, this is an outstanding add-on, definitely worth the price. Feelthere (and I'll give a nod to VirtualCol) is no longer the only Regional Jet outfit in town. 5-Stars.

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Aerosoft - CRJ 700/900 X for FSX & P3D
Finally !!!! After 8 years of development, at long last we h ..
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