Aerosoft - FDC Live Cockpit (V 3.7) Download1

Aerosoft - FDC Live Cockpit (V 3.7) Download

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For FS2004 and For FSX.
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  • Aerosoft - FDC Live Cockpit (V 3.7) Download1
  • Aerosoft - FDC Live Cockpit (V 3.7) Download1
  • Aerosoft - FDC Live Cockpit (V 3.7) Download1
  • Aerosoft - FDC Live Cockpit (V 3.7) Download1

FSX Certified

Flight Deck Companion - The complete interactive sound environment for every aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004!

FDC Live Cockpit! brings the PC Pilots flight deck to life with full crew audio enhancements and a complete airport ambience including boarding sounds etc. He can choose from 15 different flight deck voice sets and can even add his own voice variations. In addition he can choose cabin crew announcements in many different languages and dialects.

A virtual co-pilot catapults the reality feeling to new heights in flight simulation. Audio checklists with many interactive items underline the professional approach in flying an aircraft. Numerous flight deck calls are based on the aircraft type, weight and speed. The user can hear the captain making flap and gear calls at the correct time to which the virtual co-pilot will respond to and will operate gear and flaps.

Custom aircraft files for all Microsoft default and numerous add-on aircraft are included and a checklist and performance editor will let the user add any aircraft he likes.

Numerous presets are ready for a quick and professional flight. Still the program is fully configurable to fit the needs of each and every aircraft and pilot.

Also included: a Flight Log, Blackbox Log and many, many more items, which will make the Flightsimmer a happy pilot.


  • Full crew compliment support (15 voice sets, Co-pilot, Captain)
  • GPWS calls
  • Virtual Co-pilot (handles all gear and flap calls)
  • Cabin announcements
  • Aircraft performance files plus editor
  • Aircraft checklist files plus editor
  • FDC Flight Log
  • FDC Blackbox
  • FDC ATC Chatter
  • Extensive printed manual (Box / CD-Version)

Program and manual in English!

Additional specifications:
Download Version 3.7, Manual as a pdf file (English)

Note: To update your previous FDC (Box/CD-Version) Version 3.0 and make it work in FSX simply press the "UPDATE" button on your FDC opening screen. When online it will then be automatically updated to Version 3.5 which runs with FSX and all previous versions of FS.

System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X / 2004/2002
Pentium/Athlon 1GHz
256 MB RAM
3D graphics card
CD-ROM-drive (Box/CD-Version)
Download Size: 290 MB
Installation Size: 450 MB

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Aerosoft - FDC Live Cockpit (V 3.7) Download
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