Aerosoft - Monaco 20051

Aerosoft - Monaco 2005

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  • Aerosoft - Monaco 20051
  • Aerosoft - Monaco 20051
  • Aerosoft - Monaco 20051
  • Aerosoft - Monaco 20051
  • Aerosoft - Monaco 20051
  • Aerosoft - Monaco 20051

Monaco 2005

Monaco is a lot of things, but above all it is small. For American minds, used to large scales, it is hard to believe a country of 1.95 sq km (0.75 sq mi) can exist. The population is around 30.000 (yes, that makes it very crowded).

The average airport is a lot larger, that gives you some idea of the scale. To make matters worse, the available land is extremely steep, about as high as wide. But it is independent and a full member of the United Nations. It deserved its place in FS2004.

It is rare that an add-on for FS2004 adds a whole country (not COVER a whole country but actually ADDING the country to the FS2004 GOTO airport list) but we managed with this amazing product. Monaco, the second smallest country on the globe is done in amazing detail. And indeed, Monaco is smaller then some airports and it does not have an airport, but is has a very nice heliport that is one of the busiest of all the heliports. Every hour several choppers fly to and from Nice airport to pick up the few people who can afford a house in the nicer parts of the city.

Aerosoft Monaco 2005, follows in the footsteps of Manhattan, the best selling product in our online shop. Clearly for a niche market, as there is no way to even land a Super Cub in Monaco (okay, if you’ve got floats), but if you like your choppers you will find this a very exiting scenery. With the manual and the included charts you are able to fly the complex route to Nice Airport, and we’ll even provide a nice repaint of the Robinson in the colors of the exclusive Aeroclub de Monaco. Or you could take the short trip between the heliport (in stunning detail) and the Lady Moura, one of the top ten biggest private ships ever built, which also has a large helideck. The night effects are also stunning, and because Monaco is perched on the cliffs of the Med and the lights and streets go up the mountains, the first time you fly a night approach to LNMC heliport is a very strange feeling, but a stunning sight for sure.


  • Night effects as never seen before;
  • LNMC Heliport in incredible detail;
  • Helideck on the Lady Moira, one of the biggest yachts in the world;
  • Suitable repaint of the Robinson helicopter;
  • Good attention to frame rates (but it IS dense and complex scenery);
  • Automated update check from within FS;
  • Moderate download size.

Additional specifications:
Download-Version: Version 1.00, Manual as a .pdf-file (English)

System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
1.5 GHz processor
256 MB RAM
64 MB graphic card
Download size: 35 MB
Install size: 160 MB

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