Aerosoft - Patrouille Suisse X1

Aerosoft - Patrouille Suisse X

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  • Aerosoft - Patrouille Suisse X1
  • Aerosoft - Patrouille Suisse X1
  • Aerosoft - Patrouille Suisse X1
  • Aerosoft - Patrouille Suisse X1
  • Aerosoft - Patrouille Suisse X1
  • Aerosoft - Patrouille Suisse X1
  • Aerosoft - Patrouille Suisse X1
  • Aerosoft - Patrouille Suisse X1


FSX Certified

You can now fly the entire Patrouille Suisse air show program (22 Min.) in FSX in a PS Tiger F-5E II! Listen to the authentic voice of the Emmen tower controller as he issues take-off clearance and get ready to enjoy that real jet feeling. Feel the rush of pure adrenaline as you start your takeoff run as Tiger 6 together with Tiger 1 to 5 and subsequently take your place in two groups of 3 as you fly in formation over lake Zurich and on into Glarnerland. The original GPS flight data served as basis for all of the missions.


  • FSX Missions

  • FSX Airport scenery of Emmen

  • FSX PS Tiger F-5E II

FSX Missions:

  • New concept for flying the entire Patrouille Suisse training session with smoke trails and formation changing according to original flight data. Original commands from the leader were also integrated

  • You are Tiger 6 and take off together with Tiger 1 to 5 in Emmen and subsequently fly in two groups of three information over Lake of Zurich and on to Glarnerland

  • You will train formation flying (delta and superbox) together with Patrouille Suisse

  • You'll follow the Patrouille Suisse during the entire training in Wangen-Lachen (22 minutes) The training session is based on flight data that was recorded in Wangen-Lachen in April 2005

  • In addition you'll hear the original commands as spoken by the leader Daniel Siegenthaler (original recording made during the training session in April 2008)

  • You will follow Tiger 6 during execution of the tunnel aerobatic stunt

  • You also can enjoy the entire training session (22 minutes) in Wangen-Lachen as a spectator. The air show is commented, as always by Mario Winiger, the  Patrouille Suisse speaker.


  • Patrouille Suisse's home base in Emmen with every hangar and a great number of details for FSX

  • Individual frequency-controlled doors-opening for hangar 6 directly from the cockpits of Tiger 1 to 6

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