Alfafly - Ostafyevo Int Airport1

Alfafly - Ostafyevo Int Airport

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  • Alfafly - Ostafyevo Int Airport1
  • Alfafly - Ostafyevo Int Airport1
  • Alfafly - Ostafyevo Int Airport1
  • Alfafly - Ostafyevo Int Airport1
  • Alfafly - Ostafyevo Int Airport1
  • Alfafly - Ostafyevo Int Airport1
  • Alfafly - Ostafyevo Int Airport1
  • Alfafly - Ostafyevo Int Airport1


FSX Certified
Ostafyevo is the most popular russian airport oriented for international business aviation. It is located in beauty spot with forests and rivers. Accepts any business aircrafts (Citations, Falcons etc.), all helicopters and some military and heavy planes.

Animated 3D sexy marshallers!
Well known alfaFly girls are installed in this scenery! Sexy marshallers are fully 3D with nice animation. They help you with precision parking at each stand in the scenery (all stands excluding stand 13).

Wondrerful night effects
Effects from light poles (two different types) and ground lights are really nice! We’re sure you’ll like them. It is really beautiful.

ALL lights are 3D
EVERY light in the scenery is fully 3D. It concerns to: blue TWY markers, blue TWY lights, white RWY edge lights, RWY stop-lights, PAPI-4, HIALS approaching system. Light poles and lights are very detailed: they have full number of steps, safety elements, antennas. Some ground lights have antennas (with very detailed textures) too.

Lakes and tiny brooks inside the airport
Ostafyevo has every lake, pool and tiny brook inbound the airport. They’re made as FSX water. All water resources in the vicinity of airport are made too. Trees and forests with real trees placed by satellite photos.

Uncompromising realism
It is one of the MOST real Russian airports. All trees, lightpoles and TWY/RWY signs are at their real places, all navaids, communications, parking stands, routes, restrictions, marking, lights etc. are ABSOLUTELY real with its real quantity and place. All major roads, railroads and obstacles were made. All buildings have photo textures. This scenery fully represent its real analogue and has no compromises in realism!

Some other features:
  • Higly detailed scenery of Ostafyevo Int airport
  • Bump-,night-,reflection-maps, specular lighting and transparency at almost every object.
  • All taxi and runway signs at their real places
  • Flying birds, gulls and crowns
  • A lot of peoples and cars
  • Full LivingWorld support
  • Nice seasonal terrain (60cm/pixel) unapparently integrated in FSX
  • Easter-eggs
  • Fully AI compatible
  • High-voltage power poles
  • 100% real marking including helicopter marking
  • Amazing night lighting
  • Numerous scenery effects
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