All Aboard - Canton Route1

All Aboard - Canton Route

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  • All Aboard - Canton Route1
  • All Aboard - Canton Route1
  • All Aboard - Canton Route1

The Canton route is a seventy-five mile route meant to be 'anywhere USA.' Originally based on the Georgia Woodlands RR, Canton now represents parts of the connecting CSX mainline through Georgia. A modular route, the newest addition, Grove City, now adds increased mainline running to what was solely a switching route. All four packages combine to over 50 industries, 22+ towns, 8 yards, and 12 depots. The bulk of the scenery, whether structures or vegetation, is built to scale and use photo-textures for extra realism.

Installation is easy. Included are colorful manuals for all the modules that brings the world of Canton to life. The combined modules comes with over 90+ activities. Available free and required by the route is Dick Cowen's Canton and FLC rollingstock packages.

Includes the Grove City Expansion! Grove City compliments Thompson by completing the mainline run from Prudence to Grove City. The whole Canton route is 75 miles long with single/double track mainline (with signals). Grove City is magnificent with new vegetation techniques and building placements allowing me to model countryside and the 'big city' like you've never seen it before in MSTS. But don't take my word for it, have a look at what users are showing already!

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