Allan Jones - In a Moons Course PDF & ePUB1

Allan Jones - In a Moons Course PDF & ePUB

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  • Allan Jones - In a Moons Course PDF & ePUB1
  • Allan Jones - In a Moons Course PDF & ePUB1
  • Allan Jones - In a Moons Course PDF & ePUB1
  • Allan Jones - In a Moons Course PDF & ePUB1

In a Moon's Course - Flights of the Air Transport Auxiliary Re-created for Flight Simulation

About The Book

Summer 1940, the Battle of Britain is in progress. You have only three hours logged so far in fast fighter aircraft with variable pitch, constant speed propellers. Now you are to deliver your first Hurricane, VFR rules, from Birmingham to Kent as soon as possible, they say. Weather is looking marginal for flying near the coast and you have no idea about these railway lines - the female pilot of the taxi Anson was gabbing on to you about them, trying to be helpful. She says to follow them, but watch for the balloon lane changes north-east of London - steer well clear. It's your decision when to leave, you know that, but the aircraft is urgently needed at RAF Hawkinge; a Priority 1 delivery. So, do you go now? And what if you lose visibility near the coast?

In a Moon's Course provides 28 historic VFR flights from World War II for simulation in a range of aircraft, small and large. They are taken from historical documents of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) and, as ferry flights, should be suitable for both new and experienced flight simmers. As the book describes, many of the pilots making these flights were relative novices themselves and some paid the ultimate price in trying to deliver aircraft in deteriorating weather conditions.

The Air Transport Auxiliary provided a remarkable air service between 1939 and 1945, delivering over 305,000 aircraft to frontline airfields in Britain. At the end of the war in Europe the ATA disbanded rapidly and disappeared from public view. The often older men and young women who one day were flying Spitfires and Lancasters suddenly returned to 'normal lives' the next. As the ATA pilot Lettice Curtis wrote, they became 'Forgotten Pilots'. Now you have the chance to simulate some of their flying experiences, drawn from their history.

In a Moon's Course is available only as an eBook in both Adobe (pdf) and eBook (epub) formats. A background to the ATA, the stories of the flights and the details for simulating each one (waypoints, map details and route information) are provided*. Length is 93 pages (pdf) and around 110 pages (epub), for average font sizes.

*Flights were developed and tested in both FS2004 and FSX using default terrains. They should be flyable, though, in any flight simulation software. No specific historical charts or maps are needed.

About the author

Allan Jones lives in Canada and is an author of British 'art crime' mystery fiction (The Catrin Sayer Mysteries). He has been interested in flight simulation and aviation history for a long time; his first experiences with flight simulation go back to FS98 and FS2002. In a Moon's Course is his first non-fiction book for the flight simulation community.

The Flights
  • 1: Captain Mrs. Wilberforce
  • 2: The First Hurricane
  • 3: Gaggle of Geese
  • 5: Fairweather
  • 6: Tobin
  • 7: The Walrus at New Brighton
  • 8: Havoc
  • 9: Spitfire from Prestwick
  • 10: In Memoriam
  • 11: A Spitfire for Malta
  • 12: Out of the Mist
  • 13: The Fosse Way Landing
  • 14: Crowder
  • 15: To the Shetlands
  • 16: Under the Bridge
  • 17: Dam Buster Delivery
  • 18: Balloons
  • 19: The Daily Round
  • 20: A Tiger on a Summer's Day
  • 21. A Halifax to the East Coast
  • 22: The Return to France
  • 23: Mustang
  • 24: The Flying Nightingale
  • 25: Collecting General Bór
  • 26: The Sutherland
  • 27: Catalinas from Greenock
  • 28: The 'VE Day' Flight

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