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by Elliot Rhodes *Verified Product User* Date Added: Friday 03 February, 2012
I didn't have high expectations going into this purchase. I figured for $20, I wouldn't be too pissed if it was a waste of money. I was pleasantly surprised with this simulation. I just put 1.5 hrs on the hobbs and I'm grinning from ear to ear. I've never flown an LSA or worked behind a Rotax 912 motor but I feel like I've gotten a fairly accurate glimpse of the real thing.
I like the instrument lighting at night with the seperate capacity to turn off the dome light. The landing light texture is also sweet. The animation of the girl in the passenger seat was fun as well. On my round trip flight to Atlantic City Bader Field, the westerly winds were strong. On the GPS I got a ground speed of 131 Kts going out there and 87 Kts coming back , which sounds about right, from what I've read.
I have more expensive and "serious " aircraft in my FSX aircraft folder which i just never seem to take up. This little pane is fun and definitely worth messing around with in the future.

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