Area51 - Flight Deck 6 for FS2004 & FSX1

Area51 - Flight Deck 6 for FS2004 & FSX

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  • Area51 - Flight Deck 6 for FS2004 & FSX1
  • Area51 - Flight Deck 6 for FS2004 & FSX1
  • Area51 - Flight Deck 6 for FS2004 & FSX1
  • Area51 - Flight Deck 6 for FS2004 & FSX1
  • Area51 - Flight Deck 6 for FS2004 & FSX1
  • Area51 - Flight Deck 6 for FS2004 & FSX1
  • Area51 - Flight Deck 6 for FS2004 & FSX1
  • Area51 - Flight Deck 6 for FS2004 & FSX1


FSX Certified

Flight Deck, one of the world's best sellers has been TOTALLY revised and is now Flight Deck 6. Carrier-based flight is the ULTIMATE challenge in aviation! Climb into the cockpit of these super-detailed, high performance aircraft and put your piloting skills to the test. Flight Deck 6 also works with Flight Simulator 2004.

We're taking you back to the basics...  New to the Flight Deck series is a brush with Naval training. Not only will you experience the rush of landing on a moving carrier, but you'll get to go through the paces as a Naval cadet learning to fly combat maneuvers in the propeller trainer the T-34C Turbo Mentor. After passing with the T-34C, you will graduate to the T-45 Goshawk jet trainer where you will focus on your landing and more intense maneuvers. Landing on a heaving deck can be a white-knuckle, terrifying experience for even the most seasoned Navy pilots. There's a good reason that the flight crew refers to a landing aircraft as a "recovery."

Flight Deck 6 features new Missions for BOTH FSX and FS2004! That's right, Flight Deck 6 brings an exclusive mission environment to Flight Simulator 2004 while taking full advantage of the mission system included with the Flight Simulator X.  Missions include all 7 aircraft and include aerobatic maneuvers to target practice weapons training, carrier landings and more!

Flight Deck 6 includes the new USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier. You'll be able to practice your takeoffs and landings on an incredibly detailed aircraft carrier. FSX features missions that have you land on an actual MOVING aircraft carrier! Also in FSX as well as FS2004, you can practice simple carrier approaches on the USS Harry S. Truman which has been placed in the following locations: Coast of Pensacola, FL, Coast of Corpus Christi, TX, Coast of San Diego, CA, Persian Gulf Mediterranean Sea and the

English Channel

Flight Deck 6 includes realistic arresting cables for recovering aircraft and aircraft catapult system for launching aircraft. The catapult for the carrier is just that. It catapults your aircraft from the aircraft carrier deck. The arresting cables are used to stop your aircraft when landing on the carrier. 

This impressive fleet of aircraft in Flight Deck 6 will keep you at the edge of your seat! Each plane is dressed in authentic paint schemes and is beautifully rendered, including animated flight control surfaces and accurate flight models. If you're up to the challenge, the Flight Deck 6 fleet includes these military powerhouses:

F/A-18C HornetTM

F/A-18E Super HornetTM

EA-6B Prowler

E-2C Hawkeye          

T-34C Mentor

T-45 Goshawk

C-2A Greyhound

SH-60 Seahawk

What's new in Flight Deck 6?

  • Turbo-prop training in T-34 Mentor
  • Basic jet training in T-45 Goshawk
  • Land-based training at Pensacola and Corpus Christi
  • FS2004 - five exclusive innovative and challenging speech-guided missions
  • FS2004 - time-proven launch and recovery
  • FSX - super-accurate launch and recovery using FSX Acceleration Technology
  • FSX - five great missions and 60+ mini training missions
  • Aircraft Carrier - fly from the new USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75)
  • FSX - moving carrier - you'll takeoff and land from a moving surface

What's Included With The 1.5 Update?

  • New Night Trap Missions Added
  • Mission Descriptions and Titles Updated
  • Enhanced Mission Approach and Launch Audio
  • Updated Carrier Launch Positions
  • Training Mission Goals Updated and Enhanced
  • Air-to-Air Combat Missions Updated
  • Launch Zone at Kingsville NAS Increased
  • Static Missions Updated and Categorized


Hurry onto the deck. It's launch time and you're next in line. Taxi into position over the catapult. The launch team connects you. The steam is flowing and the catapult armed. Set your brake. From his crouching position, the yellow jacketed shooter gives you thumbs up.
It's game time. 
Using the Catapult Launch and Recovery system included with the Acceleration expansion, the Flight Deck 6 carrier operations put you in control. Dozens of missions start you on the deck of the USS Harry S Truman in various locatins around the world in a Flight Deck 6 aircraft of your choice. Once you start the missions, you arm the Launch Assist (SHIFT + I), set the throttle and flaps and release (SHIFT + SPACEBAR) and you are tossed off the end of the carrier in seconds.


Landing on a moving carrier is said to be one of the most difficult tasks in flying.
To get you up to speed, your training will start at land-based Naval Air Stations. You'll practice your missions on fixed runways by using the cable landings with tailhooks.
Once you've cut your teeth on the practice zones, you'll be ready for the USS Harry S Truman. Lower the tail hook, gear and flaps on approach and set it down on the wires - it's as easy as that...

Exciting Carrier Missions

Fly these FSX missions from the land-based NAS Pensacola, NAS Corpus Christi, NAS Kingsville and aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman.
Missions are top-quality. The exclusive FS2004 uses technology from Matthias Schill, developer of our FS Flight Ventures add-on.
FSX missions were developed by Ron Jeffers who has been creating innovative add-ons for our other FSX Mission series.
Missions include:
  • Blue Angel formation flying
  • Seahawk helicopter rescue
  • Radar jamming off Panama
  • MiG-29 intercept
  • T-34 combat training
  • T-45 combat maneuvers
  • T-45 bombing practice

Special Effects

Special effects add to the realism of Flight Deck 6. The noving carrier provides an authentic landing environment. Steam vents from the deck surface at the catapult and the engine afterburners blast hot to get the aircraft airborne.
So do you think you have what it takes? Give it a try!
* = Flight Deck 6 for FSX requires the Acceleration Expansion. If you do not have Acceleration installed, you will be able to fly the aircraft and use the STATIC carrier missions only. You will not be able to land or launch from the moving carriers without the Acceleration expansion from Microsoft. Expansion.
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