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by Robert Holden-Rushworth *Verified Product User* Date Added: Saturday 16 March, 2019
I bought this to add some variety to my mix of aircraft and venues on FS2004 and am not disappointed.
The Carrier now sits on the map and is there for me to visit or to launch from with any of the aircraft in my FS9 Inventory. I have bought:The Skyraider (by Razbam),and Crusader,Skyhawk,Demon,Skyray and Skywarrior (by Virtavia) to compliment the lovely assortment of aircraft on the FD 5 itself.
Launches are suitably nerve-wracking and though the jets,and resident-aircraft, seem happy to catch the wires (and stop tantalizingly close to the bow) : the Skyraider at present insists upon landing properly and using brakes !!
The cost is a snip and well worth the investment.The other aircraft are also,cheap,cheerful,good value and challenging.

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Area51 - Flight Deck 5 for FS2004 & FSX
I agree, it's alot of fun with sevral aircraft to chose from ..
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