Ariane - Boeing 737-600 Ng V3 BASE PACK1

Ariane - Boeing 737-600 Ng V3 BASE PACK

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  • Ariane - Boeing 737-600 Ng V3 BASE PACK1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-600 Ng V3 BASE PACK1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-600 Ng V3 BASE PACK1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-600 Ng V3 BASE PACK1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-600 Ng V3 BASE PACK1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-600 Ng V3 BASE PACK1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-600 Ng V3 BASE PACK1

Boeing 737-600 Ng V3 BASE PACK

From the makers of the most accurate & authentic Boeing 737 in the world. The new V3 version of the most advanced Boeing 737 simulation you can fly on your PC.


- Aft Electronics Panels with working trim adjusters
- Radio panels, comm panels, door unlock.
- AIRCRAFT MENU Boeing background
- Accurate Scale 3d Flight Deck
- Enhanced Overhead Textures
- DOME LIGHT effects
- Fluid, 3-part dynamic FDx
- Flight Management System
- IRS Inertial Reference System
- MCP Master Control Panel System
- Advanced System Logic
- THREE Pushback tugs-990 airports
- TWO Ground Power Units
- Multi-Monitor Systems
- Manageable galley
- Fast frames per second
- VCe Aircraft Systems V3
- V3 Logics and systems
- EFIS or PFD ND panel systems
- Engine and VR Speed Management
- BCA Scheme as approved by Boeing
- Flight Control Management panels
- Fuel Management Systems
- Completely redesigned nose gear, doors and bays
- 4 exit/service doors
- 2 cargo doors and bays
- Animated RAM inlets
- Animated APU door
- Opening flight deck windows
- APU intake vortex generator
- Emergency exterior & wheel lights
- Animated ground power connection bay
- Animated main outflow valve
- Airstair bay with animated door
- Animated windshield wipers
- Correct aircraft static height from ground
- Aircraft.cfg to meet FS9 default payload manager
- Textured red beacons and tail strobe device
- Exit/service doors interior and animation
- Glass transparency and glass textures
- Dynamic shine effects
- Nav lights illuminate ground at night
- Galley FX ambient lights on/off - Cabin Light Switch Panel
- Accurate wingroot section
- Animated wing contrails
- AIR-CFG-INI FDX file dynamics

VCe Flight Deck Version 3
- All common switches clickable and all levers animated
- Rain glass effect - rain removes when wipers on
- 3D magnetic compass, modelled completely in 3D
- Display Control System
- Master caution System
- Standby instrument knobs modelled in 3D
- Hig Res - HiFPS texturing main panels
- Fire Shutdown System - working fire handles
- SAVE Seat Position System
- Sliding window runners, seals & labels
- Click zone EFIS PFD/ND System
- Nose steering tiller modelled in 3D
- Special FX Night bitmaps
- Autopilot logics VC gauging & AIR files
- Tooltips for command sections
- MCP panel & FMC background ambience
- Background lit MCP and FMC
- ND & PFD INOP until IRS coordinates entered
- New FMC VNAV profiles
- SIDSTAR support
- Waypoint ALT and SPD restrictions
- Curved flight path ND
- MCP and EFIS control panels performance
- EFIS control click zones
- Increased speed/VNAV holding stability
- N1 calculation TOGA & CLB Boeing tables
- Take off N1 table for TOGA
- N1 calculation based on TAKE OFF stats
- Take off speeds calculations
- Climb N1 table calculations based on altitude and CRUISE FL OAT


- Over 300 parts!!!
- COMPLETE Flight Training Tutorial with Jepp Charts
- FASTER frame rates
- Operating Airstairs with new lighting
- Ng design; fuselage-to-wing authentic root
- Five-part, real-time animation brake and roll spoilers
- Detailed flap, hinges, pins and screws
- FDX fluid NEWTON LOGIC flight configuration
- HTML electronic check lists and refs
- Underwing detailed access ports and inlets
- Over-wing light effects
- Exit Lights, Logo Lights
- Gear-bay Lighting
- Twin Landing Lights, Underfuselage Lights
- Taxi Turnoff Lights, Nav, Strobe and Pos Lights
- Opening FWD Cargo Door. Opening AFT Cargo Door
- Opening Passenger FWD Door
- Opening PAX AFT door
- Opening RAM, PW Facility Ports
- Accurate, multi-stage flap ext & retraction
- Fluid dynamics & approach handling.
- Detailed flap, hinges, pins and screws.
- Underwing detail with access ports and rivets.


All cockpit details are laid and retouched from real photographs, retouched by hand.

Boeing 737 Ng 44hz Sound
The stunning and incredible sounds and fx of the REAL CFM567b 26 engines. Recorded at a number of locations including private aprons, hangars, taxiways and the real flight decks - accurate, digitally-balanced 16 bit files mixed in our studios.

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