Ariane - Boeing 737-BBJ Business Jet1

Ariane - Boeing 737-BBJ Business Jet

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  • Ariane - Boeing 737-BBJ Business Jet1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-BBJ Business Jet1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-BBJ Business Jet1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-BBJ Business Jet1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-BBJ Business Jet1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-BBJ Business Jet1
  • Ariane - Boeing 737-BBJ Business Jet1

Presenting the world's first fully-modeled Boeing Business Jet. From the makers of the most accurate Boeing 737 in the world; the third installment of the new and advanced, state of the art Boeing 737 Next Generation System.

We present the world's first, complete, 3d modeled cabin with galley entrance to lounge areas, detailed boardroom, private VIP office, luxurious bedroom and detailed, wood paneled corridors.
Advanced and detailed flight deck with FMC, IRS System, Electrics and Hydraulics Systems, MCP, FCC's, Flight Director System (and Lightning fast displays), FWD and AFT Overhead with over 60 switches and controls, 2Di panels for Capt, Overhead, Aft Electronics Panel and First Officer as well as Jump Seat and wheel views on landing, Ground Power Units and a choice of THREE Tugs that YOU drive! Including a complete pop up, 2Di flat panel system that merges seamlessly with our 3d flight deck with point-to-point jump system to navigate VCe and extended cabin, on the fly, with the click of a key press!

* TWO BBJ aircraft in ONE package!

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* Easier activation and installation
* Full length, 3d cabin
* Boardroom, lounge, office, bedroom
* Extended range engines with fuel cells.
* Includes Dynamic Eyepoint � & Ground Tugs
* New Flight Control Panel
* New Hydraulics and Electrics operations
* Opening Flight Deck Windows!
* HighDEF 32 bit or Lo-Res 8 bit texturing
* Editable SELCAL code & panel
* Forward Overhead.
* Aft Electronics Panels
* Quiet, CFM56 7 dynamic engine performance
* Payload station weight aircraft.cfg
* Uprated long range BBJ Ng performance
* New BBJ Ng Tutorial Guide
* Uprated autoflight climb/descent stability
* BBJ performance + Mach vs Spd (and N1) Tables
* BBJ performance curves
* Main Panel Sections 2Di and 3d
* Forward Overhead and Aft Electronics Panels
* Uprated FMC and NEW NAVDATA
* All New BBJ Tutorial Guide
* All New BBJ Install Guide & Quick Start
* All New BBJ Flight Guide
* All new Ground Control Guide
* BBJ Boeing Normal Procedures
* New illustrated FS LOAD section
* New Boeing background for LOAD page.
* Enhanced Overhead Textures:
* New lighting features.
* New 3d Concept Flight Deck & Cabin
* New fluid, 3-part dynamic FDx
* New Flight Management System
* New IRS Inertial Reference System
* New MCP Master Control Panel System
* New Internal Aircraft Systems
* New Independent Lighting Systems
* New Advanced System Logic
* New Pushback trucks for 990 airports!
* New Ground Power Units!
* New Working Window De-icer System!
* New Rain Wiper Systems!
* New AI Contrails Set to Weather AI!
* New Multi-Monitor System!

Walk into the newly designed entrance and prepare for take off - manage the airstairs and lighting (including new stairs light) as 'VIP Cabin Crew'. Fly again using replay and view flights from jump seat or luxury areas! Walk into cabin section and sit on any one of many swivelling seats. Watch take off and landings time amd again. Experience a virtual office at FL410. Sleep in a virtual bedroom. Vectored displays. Pop-up windows. Fast frames per second!

*Please note that this product requires manual registration, please allow 24-48 hours to complete the registration.You must open the included PDF file for instructions on how to register. No refunds can be provided.

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Ariane - Boeing 737-BBJ Business Jet
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