Ariane - CMI Engine Sounds Dual Pack1

Ariane - CMI Engine Sounds Dual Pack

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  • Ariane - CMI Engine Sounds Dual Pack1
  • Ariane - CMI Engine Sounds Dual Pack1
  • Ariane - CMI Engine Sounds Dual Pack1
  • Ariane - CMI Engine Sounds Dual Pack1
  • Ariane - CMI Engine Sounds Dual Pack1
  • Ariane - CMI Engine Sounds Dual Pack1
  • Ariane - CMI Engine Sounds Dual Pack1

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FSX Certified


CFM56 B+c and 7b Engine Sounds & Effects


Real Ng STEREO Sounds for the Boeing 737-Ng Series for use with any and most Boeing aircraft flying in either FS9 or FSX!

Boeing 737 Ng Sounds

The stunning and incredible sounds and fx of the REAL CFM567b 24 and 28 engine variants. Recorded at a number of locations including private aprons, hangars and taxiways these accurate, digitally-balanced 16 bit files represent the most stunning sounds of the REAL Boeing 737-Ng you will hear. All of the actual engine sounds from the flight deck were recorded on real flight decks, not simulators! Startup sounds were recorded outside remote maintenance hangars and on remote taxiways during and after maint periods where sounds were unique and not mixed with others.


... among the thousands upond thousands of satisifed users here are but a few of the emails from them and here is also what the real pilots say:

"The similarity is quite amazing". Fred K - Sweden
"I can only say that what I hear is what I hear on the real thing". Ollie D - Austria
"This is undoubtably one of the best sound packs I have heard". PJ - USA
"I don't know how you did it but you sure did - well done". Dave P - USA
"Wowwwwwwwwwwwww" Herman H - UK

What cockpit Builders Say:

"I recently went about looking for a complete and realistic sound after I had built a Boeing cockpit - your sound is stunning"
"It fitted the spec perfectly - no high peaking, no bass roughing and your mid range perfection is awesome."

Introductory note from our CFM Sound recording engineer:

"In reality, you can barely discern the start up sound of CFM567b engines from the flight deck. This is due to the fact that a lot of noise is heard on the deck after start up. During TOR and in flight, wind, packs, air cond etc; are all chasing position on the EQ. What we heard we designed to sound (and feel) the same. The tonal value of some ranges, like engines starting up is lower than the tonal value of the mid to high range sounds of the packs (and is bass-resisted) so the sound is felt more than it is heard (but you will hear it like the pilots do). Sound of the engine startup in the FS Ng cockpit is barely discernible as a low whine. To truly bring out the real Ng sound, we added the correct amount of bass and then took the sound back to the cockpit for testing. On some of the exterior sounds it was difficult to be in a place where there was only the sound of a single Ng aircraft. When we did find a location, the sound seemed unreal, so we mixed the sound with the real sound of a number of ng aircraft taxiing in a natural environment - after all that is the sound you will hear at the airport in real life. What we got in the end was better than we could have imagined."

User Note: Our Lead Developers conclusion for playback (he mixed the final sets) was that these sounds would be best played on good, bass/woofer-equipped speaker systems to get as close to that "reality effect" as possible:


Technical: The sounds and effects have been designed professionally using professional edit and mixing facilities and tested on high-end systems as well as low end laptop sound environments. The sounds are designed to take advantage of 'warm' speakers and do not 'peak out' like some cheaper sounds might. This is due to the professional editing of the sound that respects ranges of speakers used by keeping within envelope frequency limits and not pushing volumes out of frequency ranges. If you have a good speaker set the ranges will carry to the top of the speakers conal ability with little loss or degradation to the bass or mid range zones. In short, technically these sounds represent the best your speakers will experience, bar none.

Tip: Always 'Warm' your speakers on a low setting first, then slowly crank up the volume and your tweeter and bass cone covers will stretch naturally instead of volume piercing them when cold (which may tear or crack them).

Each CFM567b Sound Set:

* Replicates exactly the real Ng CFM567b engine sound.
* Emulates the closest sound fx to a real Ng engine.
* Includes a broad range of Special Effects for each engine set.
* Emulates the correct phasing.
* Adds enhanced sound used in the making of the FSX versions.

* Sound Configuration Installers help you install sounds to chosen payware or freeware aircraft easily and simply in either FS9 or FSX. A printable PDF manual is installed to the ARIANE folder on the install to make things easy to trace and read up. There are so many features on this sound set that to include them all would take up a number of pages. Here we include just a few of the effects:

Interior Sounds FS9 and FSX

*** Runway "clack" and "clunk" sounds are now modelled as you hit the many different (virtual) ruts and joins of the runways and taxiways! In FS, these features were not modelled but, Ariane bring you another FIRST with Ariane Boeing 737 Ng 4Sound RWYFX; now you can actually HEAR the real sounds of ruts, joins and center lights on the runways and taxiways, at all stages of taxiing or take off and landing. Take off rolls sound awesome! Taxiing takes on a new level of realism!

*** The sound of the front gear droning and whining can be heard onpressing the [G] key as it is stowed away (this is quite discernible since it is under the Captain and the First officers seats).

*** On retraction or deployment, both drone and wind rush can be heard. (The clunk of the gear nose doors closing is also mixed into the nose gear edit for further effect).

*** Packs sounds. The loud and discernible sound of the packs can be heard at different levels and the air pressure or airspeed/throttle speed is changed. The finished effects are stunning.

*** Familiar APU background sounds add to the ambiance.

*** Landing sounds, Wheel strike and front gear rattle are all included.

*** "Clunks" & "clack" of compressing nose gear is heard on landing.

Exterior Sounds FS9 and FSX

*** Position yourself outside and you will note the whine of the engines preceeded by the familiar sound of the CFM567b starter throw. Especially during startup in FSX, you will hear the spin of the engines and the compression roar from out of the exhaust area of the N2 stage sections.

*** The heavy roar of the engines can be heard on full power after firewalling the throttles - this is all the more prevalent in FSX.

*** Runway "clack" and "clunk" sounds - as in real life - will also be heard from outside at the point of touchdown and during roll out or taxiing!

*** The complete process of startup can be heard. Both engines will phase with each other as the start up process concludes.

Many other sound effects are also featured including AP disconnection, flap drone, touchdown sets, roll and roar, wind noises, packs, air cond, APU, glideslope warning, etc;

Also includes FS9 and FSX:

ARIANE's unique MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR FSX and 2004 GUIDE with Hints and Tips for setting up both or either FSX or FS2004 the way we fly it in development with an enhanced guide for FSX users!

Sections covered include:

* Enhancing the feel of sound.
* Setting up for the right sound effects.
* Setting up to enjoy the best FPS.
* Getting the best out of your setup.
* Making screen shots like ours.
* The settings we use in development.
* Settings for weather, display, realism, etc.
* Controls and Sensitivities.

These sets represent an indispensable addition to any flight simulation collection. Our sets are recommended by professional pilots as well as professional sound engineers and composers around the world.

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