Ariane - Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic1

Ariane - Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic

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  • Ariane - Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic1
  • Ariane - Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic1
  • Ariane - Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic1
  • Ariane - Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic1
  • Ariane - Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic1
  • Ariane - Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic1
  • Ariane - Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic1
  • Ariane - Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic1


FSX Certified

Ilyushin 96 - 300 Traffic


Why the need for new technology, HI-FI TRAFFIC?

Much of the aircraft traffic in FSX is of the standard that does not represent a level of realism equal to the aircraft being flown and features very little detail to WATCH or SEE while taxiing, approaching and waiting for aircraft in front of you to take off or perform airport manouevers. Many aircraft are limited in animation and features and many have less special effects than their predecessors.


IL 96-TRAFFIC - 300 represents something new and very different. Because IL 96-TRAFFIC - 300 is the first of a new generation of highly-detailed, specially animated aircraft with a host of special effects!

The Highly-Detailed Traffic Aircraft can also be flown as well as their features seen and animated in this new world of highly complex, traffic versions specially made and native for FSX (what is more, they can also be assigned to 'traffic tracks' by more professional users in all of their operational areas and wherever users discretion dictates).


The incredibly Detailed IL-96 and authentic 'fly-it' FDe allows any user to FLY this gigantic aircraft out of and into any airport and see the effects for themselves!


The package includes three types with liveries for both CIVIL & PRESIDENTIAL VERSIONS as well as the huge behemoth of the CARGO IL-96 400T and also comes with a detailed manual to show users how to get the most out of the product!

What is HI-FI Traffic?

HI FI Traffic (HFT) is a new concept that has been designed to bring more detail in traffic modeling for FSX.

WATCH as the IL 96 300 lands and see its large reversers retract and engage.
OBSERVE its stabilisers; spoilers and speedbrakes animation.
SEE the control surfaces and wings flex and move; even the gear track follows ground level and the nose gear will steer and turn as it moves in front of you.
CHECK the leading and trailing edge devices extend to position prior to take off.
EXPERIENCE the spectacular spray fx when the aircraft is rolling and when surfaces are wet as a mass of water that no other aircraft displays, is thrown up into the air.

Landing, taxi and runway turn off lights will come on with extending front landing lights deploying at appropriate timings.

During Gate activity, aircraft exits, cargo and service doors will open and as engines are shut down, even engine fans will freely move, depending on and related to wind settings.

There is also an Expanded Ground Vehicle Support AI controlled by the FSX main AI that will busy itself around the aircraft on a standard and timed, turn round.

This is surely the busiest and most detailed type of traffic you will ever see in FSX. IL-96 - TRAFFIC 300 represents an essential installation for everyone who wants to see and experience more in terms of detailed traffic in their own environment.

Further Detailed Specifications:

In Flight AI Modes
Gear, control surface & flexing wings will move and deploy in flight!

Enplaning / Deplaning AI Modes
This is an AI mode that automatically turns on and runs gate sequences when the aircraft gets to the gate. Watch as busy trucks, vans and baggage cars encircle the aircraft and proceed with their duties.

Catering Trucks AI Modes
This is an AI mode that automatically turns on and runs Baggage & Services calling on baggage cars to drive to the side of the aircraft front and rear and open the cargo doors and load or unload baggage.

Shutdown AI Modes
This is an AI mode that automatically turns on and runs featuring APU
chocks, bollards & CS getting the aircraft ready for pre-flight checks.

Gate FX AI Modes
This is an AI mode that automatically varies during Night and Day Modes and makes night and day two different experiences - especially watching the huge cargo 400T operate.

Ground Power Units AI Modes
This is an AI mode that automatically turns on and runs power up units to appear and to power up the aircraft for flight.

Night Parking AI Modes
This is an AI mode that automatically turns on and runs Cabin Lighting & Engine Covers when the aircraft comes in after a long flight.

Engines spray up water FX on rainy runways! This is something to be experienced. Water spray is a trickle in FSX compared to this effect which billows up huge spray plumes from the powerful engines. Place the aircraft into reverse thrust and the spray engulfs the aircraft in a display nothing short of spectacular.


Federal Secret Service Guard President Putin's IL-96!

WARNING - Secured Area

President Putins aircraft can also be commanded and flown in at the users discretion. Guards will look around the aircraft watching out for trouble! Park it at a gate or at a ramp and watch the guards appear.


+ 7 Airline Variants!
+ 3 types - with fully flyable model!
+ President Putins IL96 with animated security guards!!
+ NEW Cargo Variant IL-96 400T
+ Engine Shutdown procedure AI
+ Pre-Flight Catering AI
+ Moving WindFORCE controls
+ WingFLEX & Engine Spray FX
+ Opening Doors & Cargo AI
+ Landing & Taxiing AI
+ Flies with default FSX Sets and Airports

+ Easy Install Procedures
+ Complete Documentation


The Ilyushin Il-96 is a shortened, long-range and advanced technology development of Russia's first widebody airliner, the Ilyushin Il-86. It features supercritical wings fitted with winglets, a glass cockpit, and a fly-by-wire control system. It was first flown in 1988 and certified in 1992.

The Il-96The Il-96-300 is the initial variant and is fitted with Aviadvigatel (Soloviev) PS90A turbofans with a thrust rating of 16,000 kgf (157 kN, 35,300 lbf). Development started in mid-80s while first prototype flew on 28 September 1988, with Russian certification was obtained on 29 December 1992. The first Il-96 entered service with Aeroflot in 1993.

Range with 262 passengers and fuel reserve (for holding during 75 minutes at the altitude 450 m) in a two-class configuration is about 5,940 nautical miles (11,000 km), allowing flights from Moscow to US west coast cities, a far improvement over the Ilyushin Il-86. It is used by Russian president Vladimir Putin as a VIP plane.

The Il-96T is the freighter version of the Il-96M modeled in this release. Il-96-400. The Il-96-400 was developed with Russian avionics and engines. It is based on the Il-96M/T fuselage and is powered by four Aviadvigatel PS90-A1 turbofans. It can carry up to 435 passengers. Typical two-class configuration will have 332-340 passengers. Range with 247 passengers in a three-class configuration is about 11,300 km.

Primary users:


Produced 1993 onwards
Number built 20


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