Ariane - Tupolev TU-1341

Ariane - Tupolev TU-134

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  • Ariane - Tupolev TU-1341
  • Ariane - Tupolev TU-1341
  • Ariane - Tupolev TU-1341
  • Ariane - Tupolev TU-1341
  • Ariane - Tupolev TU-1341
  • Ariane - Tupolev TU-1341
  • Ariane - Tupolev TU-1341

Imagine a cold winters day. Its minus 40 degrees. Cold, dark cockpit? For a Tu134 Captain its another day at work. Presenting the worlds most accurate simulation of the aircraft that takes months to master. The Tupolev 134. Are you up to it?

Huge List of Features

In collaboration with Ariane Design Stuidos we present a celebration of East-West Development. More features than any other russian aircraft simulation of this type on the internet, the Tu134 represents a huge advance and places you at the controls of the cutting edge in Eastern Simulation!

Detailed Visual Model

With the co-operation of the Ariane Developers, we present a new approach to simulation modeling with one of the most challenging and integrated aircraft in the Eastern world!

  • 2 different models, classic and modern variant
  • Glass Nose and Solid Nose Versions
  • Real, 'rumble and scream' SSD Engine Sound
  • Multiple Liveries Included
  • Pocchr-Tatarstan-Pulkovo-Rossija-Nyakobo and Aeroflot

Each airplane features varying levels

  • Worn paint,oil and aged, dirty FX.
  • True optimized MDL features high performance, low poly shadow model
  • 3 1024x1024 hi-res textures optimized for a wide range of PC configurations
  • Complete set of animated parts including unique, main gear animation
  • True to life 32 bit and lowres bitmaps artwork covers 7 liveries
  • Accurate contact points definition
  • Swing Back Gear Animations
  • Accurate Deployment and detail work
  • Exceptional Detail HD Decal Features
  • Detailed Antennae
  • Dynamic vingviews via Dynamic View Menu
  • Highly Detailed Upper Stab and Sections
  • Underside airstairs deployment
  • SHAKING, WingFLEX designs
  • Authentic Door opening
  • Animated surfaces and FX
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Flip out nose lights
  • opening door and cargo areas
  • Drop down lighting pods
  • Authentic Model FDE guided by Tu134 Pilot Advice
  • Ground power unit 3D model included
  • Aft exit with retractable airstairs modelled for military and exec. variants
  • Low poly, multi LOD AI traffic model available
  • Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport included in Special Edition Pack
  • Russias busiest Airport with gates, Lighting, Trucks, Traffic
  • Airport includes AI and hangars
  • Gulleys and Ditches modeled into terrain set
  • Very difficult to taxi narrow taxiways
  • Taxi too fast along and you will fall into a ditch)!
  • NO VC included for fast FPS (VC would make TU 134 very difficult to fly).

Panels and Systems

Be challenged with a cold dark system at your command. With as many as 100 retrievel and operating systems to add to the challenge, expect nothing but a steep learning curve!

  • COLD and DARK Start Systems Setup
  • Highly Detailed HD Panel Sets
  • Correct Procedures MUST be followed
  • Photo Realistic Cockpit Views
  • Over 100 Switches and Systems to Master
  • Long Use - Months of Flight Training Required!
  • Detail Built for PRO SIM Use
  • Approach Warnings Suite of functions
  • Multi Screen friendly
  • Engine and Hydraulics Realism with pop up access
  • Electrical Panel with every switch and knob working
  • Detailed Gauges - High Work Input and animated flip gds
  • Radio and Comm System Sets with pop up access
  • Photoreal, 2D artwork optimized for 1280x1024 display settings
  • All main systems modelled
  • Custom autopilot and autothrottle unit logic
  • Vertical speed indication lag feature
  • Warning system includes complete set of visual and aural warnings
  • Some of specific TU134 systems modelled
  • Dynamic tooltip help system and pop-up information HUD system available
  • APU Pressure Gauges with Electric Rates
  • Start/Cntrl Switches and Warning Systems
  • Authentic AUTOPILOT with Heading Fit, Vertical
  • Bank Rate and Rad/Beacon Controls

Flight dynamics

With flight dynamics modeled after months of collaboration and research on the real thing, be prepared to be challenged with something very much different than your average sim FD!

  • Realistic flight dynamic
  • True to life TU-134 performance
  • Payload distribution system
  • Accurate stabilizer settings system
  • Nose gear steering limiter system


  • complete, originally recorded sound set
  • Optional, edited hush set or real sound with hips and tics
  • Real, 'rumble and scream' SSD Engine Sound
  • Authetic INNER Cockpit ambience
  • Gear and wind roar sounds

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