Best Throttle Quadrants for MS Flight Simulator

Throttle quadrants are used to control throttle settings on aircrafts. For example, a throttle quadrant can control the throttle of an Airbus A320, which has two throttles. Throttles are designed to be moved by either hand based on how much thrust is needed during takeoff or landing. Throttle quadrants come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so it is important to know what features each throttle quadrant offers before purchasing one.

A key consideration when buying a throttle quadrant is the number of levers that come with the product. These levers are used for throttles and typically come in sets of two per side. Once a throttle is chosen, it must be paired with a matching throttle on the other side of the quadrant. Some throttles are designed to work with two levers, while others only come with one.

Most throttle quadrants have full motion control, meaning that they can be pushed or pulled along their entire range of motion. It is also common for throttle quadrants to have locking mechanisms on certain levers, so that they stay in their current position until unlocked by the pilot. This can be helpful when trying to stabilize the airplane during flight. A few throttle quadrants also have spring-loaded side-to-side movement or some sort of dampening feature that reduces the “play” between levers.

Throttle quadrants are an important part of flight simulation and should be chosen based on the features they offer. Some throttle quadrants are more expensive than others, but it is important to make sure that the features offered are worth the price. For example, a throttle quadrant that offers full motion control and locking levers would be a better choice than a throttle quadrant with limited motion control.

Another consideration is the number of levers that come with the throttle quadrant, as this determines how many throttles can be controlled at one time. Throttle quadrants with two sets of levers allow for control of four total throttles, while a single-lever throttle only allows the user to control one throttle.

Saitek Ultimate Throttle Quadrant

The Ultimate Throttle Quadrant by Saitek is a popular choice among flight simulators because it offers a variety of features at an affordable price. This throttle quadrant has full motion control, locking levers, and side-to-side movement. It also comes with two sets of levers, making it perfect for controlling four throttles at once.

Saitek Pro Flight Quadrant

If you are looking for a throttle quadrant that offers the most features, then the Saitek Pro Flight Quadrant is a great option. This throttle quadrant has all of the features of the Ultimate Throttle Quadrant, plus it comes with an LCD screen that displays important information such as engine power and airspeed. It also has a built-in chronometer that can be used to time maneuvers.

CH Throttle Quadrant

The CH Throttle Quadrant is another popular choice for flight simulators. This throttle quadrant comes with two sets of levers and full motion control. It also has a spring-loaded side-to-side movement, which makes it a great choice for people looking for a throttle quadrant that they can use with ease.


For those who are looking for a throttle quadrant to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator, there is no one-size fits all option. It’s important to know what features you want and decide which throttle quadrant will work best based on your needs. Whatever your choice, make sure to research the different options available to you before making a purchase.

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