Big Fat Sim - Air Traffic Controller1

Big Fat Sim - Air Traffic Controller

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  • Big Fat Sim - Air Traffic Controller1
  • Big Fat Sim - Air Traffic Controller1

This is an addictive air traffic control game with highly realistic radar behavior. As an air traffic controller, your job is to sequence arrivals as tightly as possible while maintaining the requirements of air traffic control separation: 3 miles laterally, or 1000 feet vertically. Once you have 3 losses of separation, the game is over. Assign headings, speeds and altitudes as necessary to establish the aircraft onto the runway approach path. The game uses human pilot voices and a radar screen that is identical to that of the real thing. As in real-life, there is a short-tempered supervisor who does not like mistakes!

The game is definitely not as easy as it looks. Be sure to take the time to read through the air traffic control tutorial located inside the game. It is much like the real world of air traffic control with never quite enough airspace and always too many aircraft. This is great simulation for aviation enthusiasts and aspiring air traffic controllers.

Wage increases are given each time an aircraft lands safely. Larger increases go to those air traffic controllers who handle a large number of aircraft in a safe, orderly and expeditious manner. A good air traffic controller strives to land aircraft as tightly as possible while maintaining the required 3 miles of separation, with as few radio transmissions as possible.

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Big Fat Sim - Air Traffic Controller
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