BirdsEyeView Volume 4 - USA/CANADA HARD WINTER1

BirdsEyeView Volume 4 - USA/CANADA HARD WINTER

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  • BirdsEyeView Volume 4 - USA/CANADA HARD WINTER1
  • BirdsEyeView Volume 4 - USA/CANADA HARD WINTER1
  • BirdsEyeView Volume 4 - USA/CANADA HARD WINTER1
  • BirdsEyeView Volume 4 - USA/CANADA HARD WINTER1
  • BirdsEyeView Volume 4 - USA/CANADA HARD WINTER1
  • BirdsEyeView Volume 4 - USA/CANADA HARD WINTER1
  • BirdsEyeView Volume 4 - USA/CANADA HARD WINTER1

BirdsEyeView: USA/Canada Volume 4 Hard Winter

BirdsEyeView: Volume 4 USACanada Hard Winter extends the series and allows users an even greater experience of "AS REAL AS IT GETS". You haven't seen a "HARD WINTER" in FS9 until you experience it with BEV.

For those who are new to the series, BEV was designed specifically to be another step forward towards reality. With the releases of add-ons that enhance your flight simulating world such as coast lines, rivers & streams, highway & railroad systems, water and sky textures, etc., the next step in the evolution of the FS world environment was to increase the level of "real" in the ground textures themselves. To this end BEV has succeeded remarkably well.

Not Just Your Standard Texture Replacement Package

BEV replacement textures are first and foremost an enhancement to what is on the ground you fly over. With a super boost of realism you'll now see FS9 in a whole new way; in fact it's been described as "An Extreme Make Over". BEV keeps the "low and slow" pilots in mind as well, since much of the "leopard spotting" has been eliminated. For the "high and fast" pilots, the same limitations to the default textures apply, but what a sweet place to come home to.

BEV doesn't stop with just the textures; BEV also enhanced the autogen (the default 3D objects within FS9). BEV starts by first making sure that the buildings and trees you see are aligned properly with the textures…3D houses sitting on texture houses…3D trees sitting on texture trees and with the MS SDK tools, BEV makes sure that when you slide Autogen Density to Extremely Dense that you are experiencing 100% capacity allowed by FS9. BEV takes it even further by including a custom set of Autogen building textures created by GenreloadedTM and provided freely to BEV as an exclusive addition. When you choose to include this custom set to your flight environment you are in for a real treat and that is putting it mildly. One really cool enhancement provided by GenreloadedTM is the textures for power-line towers…you will now actually see these 3d objects as far out as they are drawn by FS9 - the results are remarkable. In addition BEV also includes new fall trees, rivers, runways, and many more custom textures. BEV is much, much more than just ground textures!

BirdsEyeView Volume 4 Features

- FS9 Hard Winter texture replacement for USA and Canada. Following the FS9 texture conventions all designated winter textures are represented in this release.

- Highly detailed and realistic city, urban, rural, desert, wilderness AND autogen textures creating the absolute best landscapes ever seen in FS9… including photorealistic!

- An easy-to-use BEV CONFIGURATOR II allowing you to choose between multiple alternative textures sets giving you literally thousands of ways to enhance your virtual world! Totally re-written in C++.

- Theme generator that provides a quick and easy way to save your favorite texture setups. Now have a setup for the Northwest and one for the Northeast that uses completely different texture sets. Just load your theme before your flight and you're flying over "familiar" looking territory.

- End users can change BEV specific trees, streams, railroad, and water textures easily with the BEV CONFIGURATOR.

- Exclusive GenreloadedTM adds fantastic NEW Autogen Textures for housing and taller buildings, with new power-line towers and rural textures that enhance your flight experience even further.

- Zero impact on frame rates; massive impact on WOW FACTOR!

- Works with all known addons for FS9.
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