Captain Sim - Legendary C-130 Pro1

Captain Sim - Legendary C-130 Pro

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  • Captain Sim - Legendary C-130 Pro1
  • Captain Sim - Legendary C-130 Pro1
  • Captain Sim - Legendary C-130 Pro1
  • Captain Sim - Legendary C-130 Pro1
  • Captain Sim - Legendary C-130 Pro1
  • Captain Sim - Legendary C-130 Pro1
  • Captain Sim - Legendary C-130 Pro1

C-130E, C-130K, HC-130 'Hercules'

After more than 3 years of development and an extensive beta test, Captain Sim is pleased to announce the official release of the most advanced PC based C-130 'Hercules' simulation!

Realistic Flight Model

The flight model is developed by highly experienced (since MS FS95) flight model designer and tested by number of the C-130 pilots and instructors from all over the world.

Authentic Sound Set Recorded on Real C-130
ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) Utility

All default MSFS effects are also included:

  • Touchdown
  • Contrails
  • Concrete sparks
  • Dirt clouds
  • Fire
  • Water spray
  • Wake

Saved Flights

Two saved flights are available:

  • Legendary C-130 Pope AFB (Cold&Dark).FLT cold and dark cockpit, engines shut down.
  • Legendary C-130 Pope AFB (Hot Cockpit).FLT all instruments are ON, engines started.

External Model

The number of the highly detailed models and liveries depends on the base package type: 'Standard' or 'Pro'. Each model is available in the following variations:

  • Clean (no exterior fuel tanks)
  • With 2 exterior fuel tanks
  • No dynamic shine (for matte liveries)
  • With dynamic shine
  • VC and wing included
  • No VC and wing included

In total, 24 model variations is available (for the 'Pro' package).
64 freeware liveries for the 'Legendary C-130' are available.

List of the Custom 3D Animations (81 in total!) of the Exterior Models:

- Forward Door
- Aft Doors (2)
- Emergency Escape Hatches (3)
- Flag
- Air Deflectors (2)
- GTC Door
- Ground vehicle
- Cargo Ramp
- Cargo Ramp Tracks (2)
- Cargo ramp door
- Pilots' Windows (2)
- Dust excluders and duct plugs (12)
- Wheel Chocks (6)

- Wipers (2)
- Landing lights (2)
- Engine Oil cooler flaps (4)
- Propellers Rotation (4)
- Propeller Blades Pitch (16)
- Wing Flaps (4)
- Ailerons (2)
- Rudder Elevator (2)
- Ailerons trim tab (2)
- Rudder trim tab
- Landing Gear (extension/retraction, wheel rotation, shocks animation) (3)
- Elevator trim tab (2)
- Nose wheel Steering

Virtual Cockpit

Fully functional and readable virtual cockpit features hundreds of custom programmed and animated controls and indicators.
Two sections of the VC, the Flight Deck and the Cargo Cabin are connected via stairwell. You can 'walk' from the Flight Deck to the Cargo Cabin.
Wing Views are also included.

2D Cockpit

Five full size high resolution 2D panels and 10 pop-up 2D panels included:

  • Left Seat Pilot Panel (1600 x 1200 pix) - 60 operative elements.
  • Right Seat Pilot Panel (1600 x 1200 pix) - 50 operative elements.
  • Overhead Panel 1 (1600 x 1200 pix) - 103 operative elements.
  • Overhead Panel 2 (1600 x 1200 pix) - 140 operative elements.
  • Navigator panel (1600 x 1200 pix) - 21 operative elements.

10 Additional 2D Pop-Up Panels:

  • Radar Control panel
  • Radio Control panel
  • Throttle Quadrant panel
  • Right Seat Pilot panel 2
  • Ramp and Door Control panel
  • Autopilot panel
  • Notes Clip panel
  • Wing Flaps Control panel
  • SSF/IFF Control panel
  • Control Wheel panel

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