Captain Sim - Space Shuttle FSX1

Captain Sim - Space Shuttle FSX

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  • Captain Sim - Space Shuttle FSX1
  • Captain Sim - Space Shuttle FSX1
  • Captain Sim - Space Shuttle FSX1
  • Captain Sim - Space Shuttle FSX1
  • Captain Sim - Space Shuttle FSX1
  • Captain Sim - Space Shuttle FSX1


FSX Certified
The 'Space Shuttle' product is a pilot project to determine interest of MS FS community in the Space and orbital aviation subject. If we receive enough positive feedback from the community, the 'Space Shuttle' will turn into a first product of a new 'SPACE' series of MS FSX add-ons.

The 'Space Shuttle' project consultant is Roman Y. Romanenko
- current Russian pilot-cosmonaut (Space Shuttle trained).

  • FSX and FS9 versions available Get the FS2004 version here
  • All six Space Shuttle Orbiter vehicles models and textures:
    • OV-101 Enterprise
    • OV-102 Columbia (lost during STS-107)
    • OV-099 Challenger (lost during STS-51-L)
    • OV-103 Discovery
    • OV-104 Atlantis
    • OV-105 Endeavour
  • High resolution Commander view 2D Panel
  • HUD
  • Exterior Model Animation Control Panel
  • Simicons Panel
  • Radio panel
  • GPS panels
  • 33 Custom Model Animations
  • Highly detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit (VC) of the:
    • Flight Deck with Aft Crew Station
    • Mid Deck with Airlock
    • Payload Bay
  • 238 Custom 3D Animations in the VC
  • 3D flight instruments
  • VC High resolution textures
  • Systems Programming
  • Exclusive Effects
  • Realistic Flight Model
  • Pre-saved Flights
  • Voice Package
  • Add-on scenery
  • Extensive Flight Manual in three Parts
  • Bonus Set of three original NASA Manuals
Due to FS9 altitude limitations (99K ft) FS9 version has the following limitations:
  • 99K ft altitude limit
  • No Entry phase flight
  • TAEM flight start at lower altitude on HAC.
FS9 version costs less than the FSX version. Get the FS9 version here!

Please note no upgrade from FS9 to FSX is available except by buying full FSX version.

The 'Space Shuttle' expansion features some of major systems that are normally in use during the following Space Shuttle Orbiter descent phases:
  • Entry through the atmosphere
  • Terminal Area Energy Management (TAEM)
  • Approach, Landing and Rollout
No launch, ascent or orbital phases/systems modeled.

Entry plasma trail and orbiter body heat effects are not included in FS9 version.

Bonus set of original NASA manuals is included in the 'Space Shuttle' product.

The following original NASA manuals are included in the bonus set:
  • Flight Procedures Handbook - Entry (248 pages)
  • Flight Procedures Handbook - Approach, Landing, and Rollout (260 pages)
  • Systems - discusses in detail each of 26 orbiter systems (676 pages)
The NASA Manuals are compiled into one Adobe Acrobat file. No printed copy included.

CUSTOM 3D ANIMATIONS of the Exterior Models:
  • Payload Bay Doors (2)
  • SRMS (Shuttle Remote Manipulator System)
  • Drag Chute
  • Radiators (2)
  • Side Hatch
  • Air Probes (2)
  • Antenna
  • Vent Doors (8)
  • Elevons (4)
  • Rudder
  • Speed Brake (2)
  • Body Flap
  • Landing Gears (extension/retraction, wheel rotation, shocks animation etc) (3)
  • Landing Gear Doors (4)
  • Flight Deck with Aft Crew Station
  • Mid Deck with Airlock
  • Payload Bay
CUSTOM 3D ANIMATIONS (238 in total!) of the VC:

  • ADI (3)
  • Altitude/Vertical Velocity Indicator (2)
  • Alpha/Mach Indicator (2)
  • Accelerometer
  • Surface Position Indicator
  • Control Stick (2)
  • Pedals (4)
  • Pedals Adjustment Crank (2) L-R
  • Speedbrake Control Lever (2)
  • Switches, Buttons, Knobs, Selectors (213)
  • MD Side Hatch
  • Airlock Hatch (2)
  • Antenna - Payload Bay Door (2)
  • L-R = you can control left-right side items independently

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