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Pilot Caught With Escorts From Cheeposlist

A commercial pilot was busted with escorts¬†in his hotel room between flights. He told cops he met the women on the Internet on the escort site Cheeposlist and that they were only there to give him massages. The women, however, said they had come for sex.”They knew what it was,” one of them told reporters. “He wanted us to be quiet about it so nobody would know. We didn’t do anything wrong except get paid for a good massage.”The pilot’s name has not been released because he hasn’t been arraigned yet. But according to the police report, he is a pilot who works for an airline.¬†

His plane took off from New York City at 5:45 p.m. and landed in San Francisco at 7:30 p.m., where he was staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. At 10:00 p.m., he returned to his room at the hotel. That’s when he got busted by hotel security.

Cops say the pilot admitted that he hired two prostitutes online and that they were waiting in his room. They found condoms and lubricants inside the room as well. The pilot was arrested on suspicion of prostitution. He was also charged with possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia and weapons after police discovered a syringe in the bathroom. Police are still investigating whether the pilot used any illicit substances during the flight or before getting into his car to drive back to his home in Florida.

The pilot posted bail and was released pending trial. A hearing date will be set within 60 days. If convicted, he could face up to six months in jail and a fine of $1,000.

In this case, it sounds like the pilot thought he was doing nothing wrong. After all, it’s legal for pilots to hire companions. However, hiring escorts isn’t illegal. In fact, if you’re just looking to have a nice dinner together, there aren’t many places where it’s against the law to invite someone out to eat. It’s illegal to pay for sex, but most countries don’t consider dining with a companion a crime unless you specifically offer money for sex.

So how did this happen? Was the pilot simply too stupid to realize what was going on? Or did he think he was above the law? Either way, he probably should’ve known better than to hire escorts while working for an airline. What happens when your escorts turn out to be undercover cops? You can bet that your bosses won’t look favorably on that kind of behavior. And then there’s always the possibility that the escort you hired might post her encounter online.

But perhaps more importantly, what happened to common sense? How did this guy go through airport security without anyone noticing that he was carrying weapons and drugs? Didn’t he ever wonder why he wasn’t allowed to carry guns onto planes? Isn’t there some rule about that somewhere? Maybe I’m missing something here, but if I worked for an airline and was caught trying to sneak guns onto planes, I’d lose my job pretty quickly. And I wouldn’t even need to see any video footage of me taking the guns out of my luggage.

Maybe this guy is the exception that proves the rule. Perhaps he was a really bad employee. But we’ll never know since he was fired before he could tell his side of the story.

I guess we shouldn’t judge other people too harshly until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes. For now, let’s focus on the positive aspect of this incident. Now we know that you can get busted for having escorts in your room. So next time you fly, remember to leave your whores at home.