CenaReal - Pantanal Wetlands-Brazil/Bolivia1

CenaReal - Pantanal Wetlands-Brazil/Bolivia

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  • CenaReal - Pantanal Wetlands-Brazil/Bolivia1
  • CenaReal - Pantanal Wetlands-Brazil/Bolivia1
  • CenaReal - Pantanal Wetlands-Brazil/Bolivia1
  • CenaReal - Pantanal Wetlands-Brazil/Bolivia1
  • CenaReal - Pantanal Wetlands-Brazil/Bolivia1
  • CenaReal - Pantanal Wetlands-Brazil/Bolivia1
  • CenaReal - Pantanal Wetlands-Brazil/Bolivia1
  • CenaReal - Pantanal Wetlands-Brazil/Bolivia1


FSX Certified

For the first time, the natural beauty of the Brazilian and Bolivian Pantanal, which is the world's largest wetland is portrayed in a scenery for Flight Simulator (FSX and FS9). All of the realistic details and primary cities such as Corumb, Brazil and Puerto Suarez Bolivia as well as the plains, rivers, lakes and mountains of the region are being brought to the simulator by the author which lives and travels everyday within the region.

The main characteristics the two versions have in common are:

  • Coverage of an area of 5.400 Km2 (2085 Sq. Mi), which translates to a rectangle of 90 by 60 Km (approx. 56x37 Mi) in the border region of Brazil and Bolivia which is the heart of the pantanal.

  • Programmers used high resolution satellite images in the areas of the cities of Corumb and Puerto Suarez and surrounding the airports of Visa Estncia and Ocorema, yielding high realism within the simulation.

  • Use of landclass textures in the remaining area, correction of rivers, lakes and mountains based on images from Google Earth. These textures were selected from the simulator library with the objective of the best display of ground and vegetation as well as minimizing the loss of frame rates.

  • Mesh relief of 38m (FSX) with corrections for errors and lack of coverage within DEM.

  • Inclusion of the International Airport of Corumb(SBCR) Brazil and Puerto Suarez (SLPS) Bolivia, with localized AI traffic. AFCAD included.

  • Construction of 65 3D macros representing houses, buildings, monuments and the more important civil constructions in the region. Some of which include, the old river porto of Corumb, water capture (Captao de gua), Christ, Portal of Corumb, along with the passenger terminals and primary buildings of both airports.

  • The old casarios houses of the Porto of Corumb dating between the IX and X century were all photographed and the textures were converted to dxtl, which then where applied to the houses and displayed within FS. With one entire street comprised of realistic personalized macros.

  • Along with the two international airports and two regional airports, there are twelve runways used by farms that are represented within the scenery. All of which are correctly placed geographically based on Rotaero, an official Brazilian aeronautical publication. These runways appear within the GPS displays.

  • Also represented are the roadways of the region as well as the Iron and Manganese mines of Urucum and Santa Cruz with their many access and secondary roads. These are both situated in the mountains at an altitude of more than 1000m (3280ft).

  • For FSX, vehicular traffic was added on the streets and roads that access Corumb. River traffic was also added to the river Paraguay which is the primary body of water in the region.

  • In addition the user will be able to benefit from the incredible water effects included in FSX. With textures and shimmering never before seen within the simulator!

- Happy flying, we know you will enjoy.

Minimum Hardware requirements:


1.6 ghz Processor

256 mb of RAM

64 mb.Graphic Card


2.0 ghz Processor

512 mb of RAM

Graphic Card of 128 mb

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