CLS - Airbus A330/A3401

CLS - Airbus A330/A340

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  • CLS - Airbus A330/A3401
  • CLS - Airbus A330/A3401
  • CLS - Airbus A330/A3401
  • CLS - Airbus A330/A3401
  • CLS - Airbus A330/A3401


FSX Certified

Compatible with both FS9 and FSX!

FSX Acceleration compatible!  

*SP2 is now available,

Model features:

- Highly detailed 3D models

- 3D Virtual Cockpit

- Option for showing the wings from the interior view (wing view)

- All standard animations

- Opening doors and cargo doors

- Pushback truck

- Air stairs

- 150 free liveries

- Dynamic wing flex

- Dynamic shine

- Realistic landing light bulb and housing illumination at night.

- Every single static discharger is modeled

- Detailed flight deck from exterior model

- Ailerons and elevators droop when engines are shut down

- Flaper-ons

- Jet blast affect from engines

- Realistic thrust reverser animation

- Fully animated control surfaces

- Highly detailed texture mapping without compromising frame rates.

FDE / Effects / Sound Features:

  • Highly tuned A330/A340 FDE based on high-detailed Airbus documentation and experience in air carrier FAA Level-D 6-axis simulator

  • 6 A330 flight models based on Airbus specifications: A330-200 (GE), A330-200 (PW), A330-200 (RR), A330-300 (GE), A330-300 (PW), and A330-300 (RR).

  • 2 A340 flight models: A340-200 and A340-300

  • "True Feel" format for correct performance and feel.

  • CLS A330/A340 Operations Manual, with full flight example complete with weather charts, dispatch report, performance sheets, checklists, and pilot weight manifest sheets.

  • 6 CLS scenarios and flight plans based on real-world operations

  • High-fidelity A330 Soundset based on RR Trent engines.

  • Flight-tested based on FAA simulation requirements

  • Customized Effects

  • Detailed Flight Tutorial

Panel features:

  • Overhead panel comes complete with packs, fuel pumps, fire, fuel dump, apu, and lighting controls

  • Realistic ND with limited waypoint display based on MSFS flight plan.

  • Realistic EICAM displays, covering many systems such as hydraulic pressure, flight controls, electrical power and many more.

  • Limited function FMC which allows for SIDs and STARs in the MSFS database, Radio and Navigation frequency entry, v-speed calculation," direct to" waypoint features, progress display, estimated fuel on board, and more.

  • EFIS displays, complete with Contraints, VOR, NDB, waypoint and Airport overlays.

  • Realistic PFD with limited Airbus Laws Logic and Alpha Protection

Features "Paintwork" paint schemes :

Over 150 Liveries for free!

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CLS - Airbus A330/A340
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