Combat Planes - FA18 Hornet Adventures1

Combat Planes - FA18 Hornet Adventures

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  • Combat Planes - FA18 Hornet Adventures1
  • Combat Planes - FA18 Hornet Adventures1
  • Combat Planes - FA18 Hornet Adventures1
  • Combat Planes - FA18 Hornet Adventures1
  • Combat Planes - FA18 Hornet Adventures1
  • Combat Planes - FA18 Hornet Adventures1
  • Combat Planes - FA18 Hornet Adventures1


FSX Certified
F/A 18 Adventures for FS X and Acceleration

F/A 18 Adventures for Microsoft FS X adds two campaigns to the FSX Acceleration Pack. With ten new missions to fly, you will deploy to Cold Lake Alberta and then to the Pacific to hone your tactical skills.

We explore two combat arenas: Alberta, Canada at Cold Lake, and north of Pearl Harbor in the Pacific. Cold Lake is the base for Canada's 410 Cougar Squadron, an operational training squadron. It runs one fighter pilot course every year, training approximately 20 fighter pilots. The program consists of nine months of ground school, simulator flights and flying missions. Graduates are taken from the Fighter Lead-In Training Course and provides them with solid basic skills in both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat. Areas covered in depth include aircraft handling, instrument flight, formation flying, night flying, navigation, air-to-air refueling, and weapons delivery and tactics.

410 Squadron also runs the annual Fighter Weapons Instructor Course (FWIC) and a Fighter Electronic Warfare and Advanced Radar (FEWAR) Course. Since 410 Squadron has always had some of the most experienced CF-18 pilots in the fighter community, it has become a recognized center of excellence and is often charged with carrying out special fighter projects and leading the way for the remainder of the community. For these reasons, the internationally renowned Maple Flag Exercise is held on the range every year with every growing success.


The Hornet is one of the most powerful multi-weapon air superiority platforms in the world, and is deployed by a variety of NATO countries. The aircraft carrier is the center piece for mobile strategic operations and provides armed forces the ability to project air power far beyond the horizon. The F/A-18 is a premier carrier based platform, projecting multi-weapon superiority to where it's needed. We add radar to your Hornet, simulating the central system in air to air combat.

The second campaign in F/A 18 Adventures is based on a carrier north of Pearl Harbor. Eight nations are participating in Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2008, the world's largest biennial maritime exercise. Conducted in the waters off Hawaii from June 26 through July 28, RIMPAC brings together military forces from Australia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. As one of the more promising Hornet pilots in 410 Squadron, you were invited to train with the US Navy.

Current offensive doctrine involves the use of multiple airborne assets, like the AWACS (Advanced Warning and Control System) aircraft as well as tanker aircraft enabling air to air refueling. Your training will involve these assets and more, including Ground Control Intercept. You have a lot to learn, but some great teachers.

With 10 missions to fly, new liveries, in both English and German, your work is cut out for you. Cut your teeth with the training missions included in Acceleration, then get ready for action with F/A-18 Adventures. The rules of engagement are posted: are you ready for combat?

***Note - Requires either Acceleration expansion pack or this Xload product from Captain Sim.
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