Combat Planes - Midway Missions for PBY Catalina1

Combat Planes - Midway Missions for PBY Catalina

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  • Combat Planes - Midway Missions for PBY Catalina1
  • Combat Planes - Midway Missions for PBY Catalina1
  • Combat Planes - Midway Missions for PBY Catalina1
  • Combat Planes - Midway Missions for PBY Catalina1


FSX Certified

Midway Missions for the Aerosoft Catalina and Microsoft FSX adds six adventures for the Catalina pilot. With five missions in the Pacific and one in present day Canada, you will deploy for patrol duty to the Pacific in 1942.

The PBY Catalina is the perfect aircraft for adventures around Midway just before the Japanese strike on the island base. You begin with a simple ferry mission, then attempt to find a downed pilot. Next you find yourself on a combat patrol just in time to discover the Japanese fleet!

The single mission on the British Columbia coastline has you flying a Canadian Forces Canso for the Forestry Service. If you also have the Acceleration pack, this mission puts you in a helicopter to start and then you transfer to the Canso at Campbell River.

The flight continued on for the allotted time and as Bob was about to give Jack the new heading for the dogleg Jack spotted specks on the horizon. He gave the binoculars to the second pilot Gerald Hardeman saying, "Are those ships? I think we've hit the jackpot." Hardemen concurred. Moments later John Gammell, in the nose turret, sang out "Ships dead ahead, about 30 miles dead ahead." A radio message was immediately sent to Pearl Harbor saying, "Sighted main body", minutes later, a second message, "Bearing 262, distance 700 miles."

The Catalina was modified to carry a MK XIII torpedo, and on June 3, 1942 the crew of PBY 44-P4 hit the jackpot. The flight came to the end of their outbound 600 mile leg with no sightings. The crew urged Jack Reid to go further to see if they couldn't make contact with a "Betty". Jack checked with navigator Bob Swan and was assured that they still had plenty of fuel to go another 20 or 30 minutes on the present course. Jack agreed to the plan and told Bob to give him a heading when he reached the time limit.

The Mark 13 torpedo was the U.S. Navy's most common air-launched torpedo of World War II. It was designed from the onset as an aircraft torpedo, with unusually squat dimensions for its type: diameter was 22.4 in (569 mm) and length 13 ft 5 in (4.09 m). In the water, the Mark 13 could reach a speed of 33.5 knots (39 mph) for up to 6,300 yards (5,760 m). 17,000 were produced during the war. MK XIII

With six missions to fly and a high degree of randomness in the combat missions, your work is cut out for you. The rules of engagement are posted: are you ready for combat?

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