Convection Connection - Flying in Thunderstorms1

Convection Connection - Flying in Thunderstorms

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  • Convection Connection - Flying in Thunderstorms1
  • Convection Connection - Flying in Thunderstorms1
  • Convection Connection - Flying in Thunderstorms1
  • Convection Connection - Flying in Thunderstorms1
  • Convection Connection - Flying in Thunderstorms1
  • Convection Connection - Flying in Thunderstorms1
  • Convection Connection - Flying in Thunderstorms1
  • Convection Connection - Flying in Thunderstorms1


Thunderstorms remain among the deadliest hazards encountered in flight. Over the past ten years, more than 70 percent of the accidents caused by thunderstorm encounters were fatal.

  This production picks up where the FAA left off in regards to educating pilots about thunderstorms. Fly with us as we share the sky with severe convection.
We've been asked why we would produce such a video.  When it comes to flight training courses and visual examples of atmospheric instability, most  training curriculums are seriously lacking. It is our hope that this contribution  will make a significant difference. 

NTSB statistics continue to indicate that some pilots don't know what to look for when it comes to thunderstorms.  Literally, lives are at stake. Through scenario based examples, Convection Connection will focus on the visual aspects of recognizing when the atmosphere is going unstable and offers pilots an appropriate course of action.

$9.99 is certainly worth the knowledge you will gain from our experience dealing with thunderstorms.

"As I was watching the real life scenarios on this video I kept thinking to myself how great it would've been to have had this video when I started flying in the real world. What they teach you in ground school books are the mechanics of thunderstorms. What this video teaches you is how to visually interpret thunderstorms, and how to identify when you're getting into a bad situation. This video puts you right in the path of severe storms and teaches you the do's and don'ts of flying in bad weather. Whether your a seasoned pilot, or just learning to fly, you WILL take something away from this video!"  Jeff Thomas.  King Air 300

Students, private pilots, and flight instructors;

Ground school didn't teach you all you need to know to be a safe pilot when it comes to thunderstorms.  As great as weather forecasting has become, thunderstorms can form when you least expect them, even in winter.

If you flight plan according to a forecast that doesn't include thunderstorms, you probably won't have a plan B for the storm you encounter unmentioned in your pre-flight weather briefing. Once near or inside that thunderstorm, do you know what to do?  There are three reasons why you could end up too close to or actually penetrate a thunderstorm. 1- You didn't adequately flight plan, 2 - Storms developed around  you while you were flying in the clouds (as happened to us), and 3 - You simply did not recognize the visual signs of atmospheric instability. This is what's missing from ground school. Real visual examples of atmospheric warning signs. 

Since 1998, we have flown the Midwest over 300 hours each year. We learned a few things about thunderstorms and risk management in the process. Let us share this experience with you. Your precious cargo (the people seated in your aircraft) deserve a pilot ready to make wise decisions when that meteorological curve ball comes your way.

Convection Connection part one takes over where flight training left off. Flying safely when storms are present is all about understanding our unstable atmosphere and making wise choices therein. The full utility of small aircraft can't be utilized  if they remain grounded because storms are in the forecast.  Sure, there are times when convection rules and you shouldn't fly. Yet many times you can safely manage the additional risk thunderstorms impose upon your flight. We've spent hundreds of hours flying the Midwest during thunderstorm season. Let us share with you what we've learned about the real world of sharing the sky with thunderstorms.

Convection Connection will not only arm you with vital flying  advice, it will wow you with spectacular cinematography. Part two of this film glorifies the awesome beauty of thunderstorms as can only be seen from above, in a manner which anyone can appreciate. Earth bound storm chasers and severe weather enthusiasts will undoubtedly find their convective cravings satisfied by this film. Ride along on actual flights  through severe thunderstorm and tornado warned areas. Experience the real world of thunderstorm flying from the safety of your DVD player.

Convection Connection  was professionally produced and edited. Originally filmed in HDV , this is truly a broadcast quality wide screen production. Movie chapter descriptions and still frames follow:


CH 1)   Introduction.  You'll be hooked Hollywood style!

CH 2)   Airplanes and Thunderstorms. A fast paced overview of flying our unstable atmosphere.

CH 3)  Jostling Joplin. You are taken on an actual business trip to Joplin, MO where the pilot is required to handle an urgent need at her out of state office. Mother nature is getting angry but the forecast says she can make it...Or does she? 

CH 4)  Mesoscale Morning Early morning convection was forecast to dissipate well before noon as we flew IFR from St. Louis, MO to FT. Wayne, IN. The problem was, the weather had no intention of minding the forecast. While circumnavigating one cell it became tornado warned. We'll show you how we found out about the warning before Air Traffic Control ever knew.

CH 5)   Tornado Vortex Signature.  A squall line had been marching through central Missouri this muggy June afternoon. Flight Service mentioned this convective activity during our weather briefing and acknowledged that local visual flying would be okay for a couple of hours based on the rate the squall line was moving.  Shortly after departing ALN, one discrete supercell developed explosively well ahead of this squall line.  We never expected to capture what we did on film. In fact, we admittedly flew too close to this supercell. So a word of warning to pilots. Do not do as we did!

CH 6)   Get-There-Itis. Sooner or later, every pilot will find themselves in a situation where getting there is a must. The problem is, the weather won't always cooperate.

When it comes to thunderstorms, the desire to arrive won't keep you alive. This chapter alone is worth the price of the video. It is emotionally disturbing and may very well save your life!

CH 7)  Flying Tips. Practical flying tips to keep you safe when storms invade your sky. Includes survival advice for inadvertent storm penetration and landing when storms are near the airfield. (Don't think you won't be tempted to land when the runway is in sight).

PART TWO: Our Majestic Unstable Atmosphere.

There are two sides to every coin, including thunderstorms. Some of the most beautiful sights this side of heaven can only be seen from an airplane. Pilots and non-pilots alike will be captivated by the awesome beauty of convection as seen from the cockpit. Again, don't take our word for it...
We pulled the tiger's tail a few times to acquire the footage necessary to convey the seriousness of sharing the sky with thunderstorms. In no way do we condone what was done as safe. Much of what you will see in this production is exactly what you will never want to see from the cockpit of your airplane. Yet we know some of you are going to experience what we have with convection. It may be unintentional but it will happen. We found this out one day while flying in clouds and moderate rain on an IFR trip only to find out that our rain event decided to become a full blown thunderstorm while we were inside!  Totally unmentioned in the forecast. What we offer you today is our sincere attempt to arm you for the unexpected, as well as  what is forecast.

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