Eric Marciano - External FMC for P3D1

Eric Marciano - External FMC for P3D

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  • Eric Marciano - External FMC for P3D1
  • Eric Marciano - External FMC for P3D1
  • Eric Marciano - External FMC for P3D1
  • Eric Marciano - External FMC for P3D1

Prepaid 3D

Updated 11-24-15

External EasyFMC
is a simple and universal Flight Managament Computer. It offers exactly the same features as EasyFMC.

It requires no navigation database, it can be used with any aircraft and it is provided with 2 FMC look-and-feel: Airbus and Boeing.

External EasyFMC is a specific product, it is an independent executable that can run on the same computer as Flight Simulator or on a different computer on the same network (remote mode). It does not require the basic version of EasyFMC.
This verison is compatible Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D).

External EasyFMC is a separate and independent product. It requires FSUIPC to establish the communication between P3D and the External EasyFMC application, and optionally requires WideFS for network communication if you want to have P3D and External EasyFMC running on 2 different computers (remote mode).

  • Prepar3D version 3
  • FSUIPC (any version)
  • Optional: WideFS for remote mode (dual machine usage)
How does it work?

External EasyFMC does not require any navigation database because it uses the database of the simulator (P3D). This is why it works with a gauge (an invisible gauge) called "Data Collector Gauge" (DCG) that runs in the simulator itself to collect the navigation information and provide it to the External EasyFMC application through FSUIPC.

The External EasyFMC package includes:
  • the 2 External EasyFMC applications: 1 for Boeing look-and-feel and 1 for Airbus
  • the 2 Data Collector Gauges: 1 for Boeing and 1 for Airbus
  • the External EasyFMC Panel Updater utility, which automatically updates the panel file to integrate the Data Collector Gauge in the aircraft of your choice
  • comprehensive documentation
Changes to latest version
Even if External EasyFMC does not require any registration, a registration number is asked each time you run the 'Panel Updater', which is also started at the end of the installation process. You just have to ignore this by pressing the 'Close' button and everything will run fine.

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