Eric Marciano - FSUIPC Exporter for Wilco Airbus1

Eric Marciano - FSUIPC Exporter for Wilco Airbus

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  • Eric Marciano - FSUIPC Exporter for Wilco Airbus1
  • Eric Marciano - FSUIPC Exporter for Wilco Airbus1
  • Eric Marciano - FSUIPC Exporter for Wilco Airbus1
  • Eric Marciano - FSUIPC Exporter for Wilco Airbus1


FSX Certified
FSUIPC Exporter is a software module designed for the Wilco Airbus Series aircrafts. It provides a way of interfacing these aircrafts with external applications or hardware through FSUIPC offsets. In addition to FSUIPC standard offsets, FSUIPC Exporter defines new FSUIPC offsets to control all the aircraft systems, it gives you access to internal variables that are not accessible in any other way. Although FSUIPC Exporter can be used by developers to write external applications that control the aircraft, it can also be used without any programming knowledge if you have the necessary software tools to update FSUIPC offsets. This is why FSUIPC Exporter is used by many "cockpit builders" who base their cockpit on the Wilco Airbus.


Some existing applications use the FSUIPC Exporter: an external Flight Control Unit (provided for free upon request), FSCockpit FCU/EFIS hardware driver, CockpitSonic RMP driver. Some cockpit builders also used FSUIPC Exporter for their A320 simulator.


FSUIPC Exporter is a DLL that is automatically loaded by FS2004/FSX upon startup. The DLL provides read and/or write access to internal variables of the Wilco Airbus aircrafts through FSUIPC offsets. These internal variables manage the behavior of the Airbus aircraft systems. Complex aircrafts like these cannot be modeled using only the standard variables provided by Flight Simulator (FS2004 or FSX), so many variables had to be created to make all the systems work. All the standard FS variables (aircraft position, altitude, speed, ...) are accessible through standard FSUIPC offsets described in the FSUIPC documentation. The FSUIPC Exporter extends the list of available offsets to provide additional access to Airbus internal variables. All the new FSUIPC offsets are fully documented. FSUIPC Exporter provides access to all the systems: Flight Control Unit (FCU), EFIS Control Panel (ND Mode/Range, moving map symbols, FD, ILS and barometric setting), glare shield (Chrono, Master Warning, Master Caution), MCDU keys, gear lever and gear warning, engine mode selector (Crank/Norm/IGN-Start), engine master switches, ECAM Control Panel (including RCL and CLR buttons managed in the Airbus Evolution only), EFIS screen brightness, HUD mode and brightness (Airbus Evolution only), engine levers, engine FADEC mode, autobrakes, overhead (APU, Seat Belts/No Smoking signs, lights, anti-ice, air conditioning, electricity, fuel, hydraulics, GPWS, flight controls computers, ADIRS).


The FSUIPC Exporter documentation provides the list of all the available FSUIPC offsets that control the Airbus systems. For each offset, the documentation explains the role, the read/write access (some are read-only, some are write-only, others are read and write) and the size. It is very similar to the FSUIPC documentation.
[SUGGESTION: Provide the PDF documentation as a free download]


FSUIPC Exporter requires a registered version of FSUIPC. For a multi-PC environment, WideFS is also required.
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Eric Marciano - FSUIPC Exporter for Wilco Airbus
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