Flight Dynamix - F-35 Glass for FSX1

Flight Dynamix - F-35 Glass for FSX

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  • Flight Dynamix - F-35 Glass for FSX1
  • Flight Dynamix - F-35 Glass for FSX1
  • Flight Dynamix - F-35 Glass for FSX1


FSX Certified

Add-on program for MS FSX - allows you to display a functional, interactive, hi-res bitmapped cockpit display of the F-35 Lightning II. The F-35Glass application is designed to be run across a computer network. F-35Glass has very minimal resource requirements which means that it can be installed on a network client with only average processor, graphics, and memory.

Instrument Displays and Controls:

F-35Glass provides an interactive OpenGL version of the JSF Pilot Vehicle Interface (PVI). The display presents the following information:

Use your mouse our touch screen to control the various functions of F-35Glass.

Control Description
Navigation Display (ND) The ND display provides a Moving Map of your aircraft's position and heading. You can also display airports, navaids, etc. using the keyboard commands described under Keyboard Shortcuts.
Weapons Display Displays the current state of the weapons and counter measures. This panel is currently non-functional.
Fuel State The fuel state panel shows all of the aircraft fuel tanks, their fuel levels, and the total amount of fuel currently available.
HUD The Heads Up Display is a mirror image of the information presented on the aircraft's HUD.
PVI Control Buttons The Pilot Vehicle Interface of the F-35 can be customized to each pilot's preferences. Notice the eight control buttons or areas at the bottom of the display. Button #2 displays both the ND and weapons displays. Button #4 displays a large version of the ND only. Button #5 displays a large version of the HUD, and button # 7 displays both the aircraft Fuel Status and HUD.

Minimum Requirements:
  • MS FSX (SP2 or Acceleration)
  • MS Windows XP78
  • Compatible OpenGL video card
  • 10Mbs TCP/IP Network
Installation and Setup:
  • Software is delivered by download only
  • Each time you install F-35Glass on another computer, another copy of F-35Glass must be purchased.
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