Flight1 - Mig 15 Box Ed for FS2004 &  FSX1

Flight1 - Mig 15 Box Ed for FS2004 & FSX

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  • Flight1 - Mig 15 Box Ed for FS2004 &  FSX1
  • Flight1 - Mig 15 Box Ed for FS2004 &  FSX1
  • Flight1 - Mig 15 Box Ed for FS2004 &  FSX1
  • Flight1 - Mig 15 Box Ed for FS2004 &  FSX1
  • Flight1 - Mig 15 Box Ed for FS2004 &  FSX1
  • Flight1 - Mig 15 Box Ed for FS2004 &  FSX1
  • Flight1 - Mig 15 Box Ed for FS2004 &  FSX1


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The Cold War Hits Flight Sim Skies with Sheer Exhilaration!

The Cold War hits the flight sim skies with a recreation of one of the world's first swept wing fighters for Flight Simulator X and 2004.

The MiG-15 was one of the first swept wing fighters, most notably achieving fame in the skies over Korea in the 1950s. It could climb faster and higher than any other aircraft at the time and outclassed all opposition bar the US F-86 Sabre

The prototype MiG-15 first flew in December 1947. It began appearing in service in 1949 and by 1952 it had been provided to a number of communist satellite nations.

The MiG-15 was deployed against American Air Forces in December of 1950 in Korea. On November 8, 1950, First Lt. Russell Brown, flying an F-80, shot down a MiG-15 in the first all-jet dogfight in history.

This outstanding virtual recreation has been created by Chinese developers, Bear Studios and bristles with atmosphere and authenticity. Stunning details include firing guns with tracers and spent cases, high-G effect and even working eject mechanisms for when the excitement gets too much!

This is an aircraft expansion that not only brings a classic warbird jet to life, but is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Product Details

There are so many details and features in this product, its hard to list them all. Below is a list covering many of them:

21 accurate models with 50 historical skins, including single and twin seat models covering virtually every variant that was mass produced!

An incredible virtual cockpit with authentic 1950's Russian gauges plus the ACK-3 Gyro / Fixed 2 mode gun sight with range and pitch adjustment. Virtually every switch and knob is clickable and fully functional. There are even front and rear cockpits - so you can fly from the front or back.

The highly detailed and lifelike pilot comes equipped with 3 historically accurate outfits - seem him look around as you fly and you'll hear the heavy breathing under stress as you pull high-G maneuvers.

Visual effects include engine flame and exhaust effects, high-G vapor trails, gun effects, eject and canopy animations and even ground maintenance models.

The included Paint Kit includes easy-to-create-your-own MiG skins.

The boxed edition includes extensive printed documentation - including the important guide to the Russian switches and gauges and the check lists for normal operations will take you step by step through how to have a thrilling but safe flight!

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Flight1 - Mig 15 Box Ed for FS2004 &  FSX
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