FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1

FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D

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  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1
  • FlightSoft - Business Traveler Bundle for FSX & P3D1


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Prepaid 3D

This bundle includes 6 Best-Selling FlightSoft titles, including:
  • Hong Kong Live v2 for FSX & P3D
  • Fly To Africa v2 for FSX & P3D
  • Fly To Greece v2 for FSX & P3D
  • Fly To Chicago v2 for FSX & P3D
  • Fly To Germany v2 for FSX & P3D
  • Fly To France v2 for FSX & P3D
You will receive a separate download for each title and key for each install upon purchase.

Hong Kong Live v2

FlightSoft's new HONG KONG FSX LIVE product is unlike any product ever developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator whether for the new FSX version or any previous versions of the popular franchise. What is so different about our product is its use of DigitalGlobe QuickBird satellite imagery which produces flight simulation scenery of unparalleled clarity rendering terrain imagery with extraordinary precision and even delivering the minute details of street level action. Such achievements are only possible when flight simulation scenery development incorporates the finest commercial quality satellite imagery in a PC based flight simulation product.

Imagine the view at night as you see the desktop computers through the skyscrapers' office windows and immerse yourself in a sea of brilliant city night lights. You can view all the prominent and unique architectural features of Hong Kong in brilliant color and experience even small details like the ever-busy star ferries, freighters, junk farms and passenger ferries sailing to the outlying islands all following their actual routes just like in real-life. Street level activity is depicted in unprecedented detail including such real life features as parked cars, minivans and smart cars. The parking lots are filled with the types of vehicles normally seen in the real-life residential and commercial business districts.

Fly To Africa v2

Fly To Africa includes the European Jetliners Collection with the MD10, including British Airways, AOM French Airlines, Laker Airways, Scandinavian, Lufthansa, Condor, KLM Royal Dutch Airways, DAS Air Cargo, Alitalia, Swissair plus select African airlines and FEDEX MD10 Cargo.

The product includes the most sophisticated automated approach flights to Africa including the CONGO, SOUTH AFRICA, MOZAMBIQUE, ANGOLA, BOTSWANA, GHANA, NIGERIA, BURUNDI, CAPE TOWN, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

FlightSoft's Fly to Africa is your ticket to the exotic African Holiday Vacation of your dreams and by all means enjoy your flights to Swaziland, Uganda and Senegal. Our extensive library of flight approaches will acquaint you with every nook and cranny of flying the African Bush Airports or the Mega Airfields of South Africa, Namibia and beyond.

Fly To Greece

FlightSoft's Fly to Greece FSX and P3D is a breathtaking product of immense beauty. The Greek Islands are one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world. The islands of Greece are breathtaking and words can't describe the sunsets or the brilliant emerald sea a blend of greenish blue heavenly hue that gleams with brilliance and when the sun sheds its light on those crystal clear waters the effects are other worldly in its beauty.

Features include the European Jetliner Package with Olympic Airways, Alitalia Airlines, Swissair, Martinair, Monarch, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, British Airways, Scandinavian, Iberia Airlines, and more, along with a substantial library of the most sophisticated automated approach flights to all the Greek destinations including Athens, Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, and much more.

Fly To Chicago

FlightSoft's Fly to Chicago is a breathtaking product with great challenges and flight maneuvers along with real time real weather conditions imported directly into the flight sim. Fly to Chicago is all about the `windy city' and just as its name implies you'll Fly to Chicago in some of the wildest real weather windy conditions ever depicted in a flight sim product. You'll fly to Chicago and experience some of the most thrilling approaches to airports large and small including O'Hare International Airport including a complete CAT III near zero zero approach to O'Hare International Airport providing you with the most sophisticated Instrument Landing System technologies and runway lighting guidance system and you'll need them as Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and Midway Airport are often surrounded and engulfed in fog and low visibility.

Features many complex weather challenge scenarios and IFR approaches to Chicago and astute challenges for the PC pilot. Fly the American Jetliners Package including United, Continental, Northwest, American Trans Air, and Sun Country Airlines.

Fly To Germany v2

FlightSoft's Fly to Germany FSX and FS2004 is a genuine thoroughbred of a workhorse for PC pilots. You'll fly some of the most brilliant flight routes on airways that give dividends on your flying efforts. You'll experience the excitement and thrill of a lifetime while descending over the Rhine Valley and Mosel Valleys offer PC pilots spectacular scenic views of wine groves and wineries of the Rhone and Mosel Valleys. Fly as the Senior Flight Captain on a Lufthansa Airlines Jumbo Jetliner to many of Germany's most important cities including Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Hamburg aboard the European Jetliners Package including Lufthansa Airlines, Condor, Martinair, Monarch, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, British Airways, DAS Air Cargo, Scandinavian, Iberia Airlines, Alitalia Airlines and more.

Fly To France v2

FlightSoft's Fly to France is one of the most prestigious and most impressive add-ons for FSX & P3D. Fly to France features France's most sought after holiday destinations. FlightSoft brings you hundreds of hours of fun and enjoyment with some of the most meticulously crafted add-on for France and its illustrious airports and airfields. You'll fly into Charles De Gaulle International Airport, Orly International Airport and all the major and minor airfields in Paris, Marseilles, Monte Carlo, Burgundy, Champaigne, Cote D'Azur, Cannes, airfields on the island of Corsica and airports in Dijon, Bergerac and much much more! Fly to France FSX will challenge your PC piloting skills with plenty of approaches to the most modern airport runway instrument landing systems in the world and with some of the most challenging terrain and crosswind weather conditions you'll ever find in your flight sim travels. Fly the European Jetliner Package including AOM French Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Martinair, Monarch Airways, Iberia Airlines, Lufthansa, Swissair, Condor, DAS Air Cargo, Alitalia Airlines and more!

Note: The included aircraft require components from FSX be on your system. To install this into Prepar3D, you MUST have either FSX Boxed or FSX Steam Edition installed.

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