Fly Real HUDs - AirTransport HUD1

Fly Real HUDs - AirTransport HUD

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  • Fly Real HUDs - AirTransport HUD1
  • Fly Real HUDs - AirTransport HUD1
  • Fly Real HUDs - AirTransport HUD1
  • Fly Real HUDs - AirTransport HUD1
  • Fly Real HUDs - AirTransport HUD1
  • Fly Real HUDs - AirTransport HUD1



Flying commercial aircraft these days includes landing in bad weather around the world. Modern airplanes have Head-Up Displays, and require special training. FlyRealHUDs.Com has developed a real HUD model that flies and operates just like the real thing - because it is the real thing.

Our Air Transport HUD model flies and operates like a real HUD should, and can be used for large and regional commercial aircraft. Cruise into Seattle using the CAT III mode in the fog or fly a night approach into John Wayne airport. Challenge your skill landing at Beijing or London's Heathrow Airport.

Our HUD models are simulator plugins for X-Plane provides all of the typical features found on modern airline HUDs. Our HUD model includes a Flight Path Vector - key to flying any Head-Up Display. With modern HUDs, the pilot flies the aircraft based on the Flight Path Vector symbol, not the pitch ladder on the standard flight instrument. The Flight Path Vector is used with the Flight Director to precisely control the aircraft. The Flight Director on all modern aircraft is managed with various modes such as Heading, Flight Level Change and the Approach Mode for instrument approaches.

A Full Head-Up Display Model

When you fly our HUD model you see the Flight Director display change like that on an aircraft HUD as it performs and flies like the real thing. The Air Transport HUD model has five modes that include a primary or standard flight instrument operation, including a full HSI with VOR, NDB and ILS indications. As you select the approach mode for landing, you can stay in the standard mode, or switch to an instrument approach mode or even a CATIII mode. The different modes are designed for the weather and type of approach you are conducting. For a pilot landing in clear weather, the VMC or visual modes provide the pilot with precision control. Enhanced Vision is also included with the HUD model and enables you to fly at night and conduct an instrument approach using EVS.

An Upset Recovery Mode is also included in all FlyRealHUDs.Com commercial aircraft HUD versions, and is triggered when the aircraft exceeds angle of bank or pitch limits, and is used to help the pilot recover to normal flight attitude.

Several features with this first release of the HUD model includep Unique HUD Symbology like the Flight Path Vector, airport symbols, acceleration cues and more:

  • Flight Director
  • Angle of Attack
  • Reference Speeds
  • Flight Mode Annunciations
  • Navigation including ILS, VOR, NDB, WAAS
  • Non-Precision and CATI, II, IIIA operations
  • Upset Recover
  • All Flight Director Modes
  • Boxed and Selected Airspeed and Altitude
  • Ground Speed
  • Runway Remaining
  • Rollout Guidance
  • DME, VOR and NDB Indicators
  • Stall, Ground Proximity Warning, Flare Cues
  • Target Altitude and Speed
  • Flashing Markers
  • Flare Cue
  • TOGA Modesul

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